Far from the World We Know by Harper Bliss

What is the book about?

Laura fled Chicago after a life-changing and traumatic event that has left her life in turmoil. She literally bumps into Tess. Tess is attracted to Laura for the moment she sees her, but Laura isn’t interested in anything more than friendship. Tess knows what she feels and isn’t ready to give up on Laura…

Book Strengths

This book had me hooked from the start. The story had a fantastic twist and identified a rather significant issue between Laura and her former life. Harper has done this in other novels like ‘At the Waters Edge’ which highlighted a mental health issue. This is a brave move and leaves you feeling like the love story is more accurate to life, and I identify better with the characters.

I loved the characters but especially took a shine to Tess. She is everything that makes a good WLW heroine. Her nonstop ‘Douglas’ personality made me laugh and made me cheer her on every time she tried to win Laura’s heart.

Wrap up
Far From The World We Know is still one of my favourite Harper Bliss books. She continues to write the most out of the box storylines that have me engaged in the book from the get-go.  


Would you like to grab a copy?

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