Winter’s Harbor by Aurora Rey

The Cape End Romance Series is probably one of the most re-read series on my Kindle. Winter’s Harbor is where it all began.

What was the book about?
Lia has left New York after her partner of ten years was unfaithful. She decides to spend the winter in Provincetown, getting reacquainted with herself and what she wants from her life. It’s not only the delectable pastries at the local cafe that has Lia salivating but the cafe owner, Alex.

Alex is not looking for Mrs Right but more Mrs Right now. And Living in the very transient Provincetown gives her plenty of opportunity for enjoying the company of many a pretty lady.

Both women are captivated with one another, but can it be more than a Winter Fling?

Featured Tropes
City – Small town, Femme – Butch, Friend with benefits, Oh! The Sex!

Book Strengths
I loved this debut novel by Aurora Rey and couldn’t put the book down from the moment the main protagonists meet. Winter’s Harbor is written beautifully, and it is full of heart. The pace is excellent, and I was able to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

This book has very little angst. You just get a good feeling about Lia and Lex from the get-go. I really enjoyed watching the relationship evolve between them and the more we read, the more both Lia and Alex let their walls down. It is always a nice change of pace for the main characters to act on their attraction earlier in the book instead of only getting together in the last chapter. In this instance, as much as Lia and Alex think they are only in a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement, it’s clear to the reader that there is so much more at play.  

Since I first read this book in 2015, Aurora Rey has released the whole series. A total of four books, each with a seasonal theme. I can’t tell you enough how much I loved reading each one and still bumping into Lia and Alex as they truly set the tone for what was a fantastic series.

Some of my favourite sex scenes written in romance have come from the pen of Aurora Rey. The chemistry between Alex and Lia is fantastic, and you can feel it radiating off the page. The sex scenes are beyond and just the kind this book geek enjoys. Lia and Alex have a beautiful nonsexual intimacy to them too. Alex really gets Lia to show her vulnerability, and it shifts something between them every time. Swoon!

Heating Rating
4 stars

Wrap up
I still can’t believe this was Aurora Rey’s first novel and one that was the start of a phenomenal series. It’s sometimes lovely to go back and remember where it all started and remember the feels. 

Star Rating:
5 stars

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