Tales of the Sea Glass Inn By Karis Walsh

This is a collection of Novellas centred around Karis Walsh’s original Sea Glass Inn Novel.

The main Characters from the Sea Glass Inn Book of 2013 seem to again be the centre of the Novellas as is their Inn, in which at least one character resides during their story.

Okay a little Background:


The prologue brings us up to date on the romance of Mel and Pam.

Book 1: Low Tide
After a devastating oil leak to the Cannon Beach, the community comes together to help the wounded sea life. Jenny comes to town to run the make shift Wildlife Hospital after the disaster and baker come volunteer Helen grabs her attention. Both coming from different backgrounds and still coming to terms with their own childhood struggles, they embark on a friendship that could lead to much more…

Book 2: Flotsam and Jetsam
Ariana is a well known, author who after her mothers death is having some major writer’s block. She comes to The Sea Glass Inn for respite and hopefully an escape from her writers block. Enter Jocelyn, The book shop owner in Cannon Beach. Jocelyn is determined to have Ariana do a book signing at her book shop. She won’t take no for a answer and Ariana slowly comes round to Jocelyn and more to the point … love?

Book 3: Undertow
Heather is a high powered businesswoman who has been ordered by her doctor to take some time off and relax. She arrives at The Sea Glass Inn determined to check everything off her list, yoga, long walks, sightseeing…. check them off and leave. While she’s staying at the Inn she meets Aspen. Aspen is staying at the Inn while attending Pam’s (Main character from original novel) Art Retreat. She and Heather are polar opposites… But sometimes opposites attract right?

Book 4: Spinnaker
Tam is a fun loving, grab life by the hands and hold on tight kind of girl. She has moved to Cannon Beach after loving spending time there as a child. She arrives to meet with her father who is sick and needs a liver transplant. In walks the Doctor who immediately gets Tams attention. Maggie is wary of how fragile life is due to her past experiences with her sick twin sisters and bad romantic encounters. Tam and Maggie couldn’t be more different but something has sparked and they want to explore just what that could be.

To be honest i expected more from this collection as i enjoyed the Sea Glass Inn Novel greatly.
The main reason i was left a little disappointed was due to the heroines falling in love to easily. I understand that with short stories this is normally the case however i think Karis Walsh has 5 good ideas for full novels. One consisting of a sequel to Sea Glass Inn and four more in depth romances. Now that would have been a treat… One that i would have been excited to follow. I am giving this book 3 stars.


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