Release the Stars by Harper Bliss

I have just reread this book again for the fifth time if not more and just realised that i hadn’t actually put into words how much i enjoyed it the first time i read it. 
Authors Synopsis

After her girlfriend leaves her for a man, broken-hearted novelist Charlie Cross moves from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV show based on her books. Charlie vows to never date any woman who isn’t a hundred percent certain of being a lesbian. But when she is seduced by gorgeous bisexual cooking show host Ava Castaneda, whom she’s had a celebrity crush on for ages, Charlie is forced to review her belief in percentages because true love could very well be on the line.

My Synopsis 

Charlie is coming out of the worst break ups imaginable… Not only has her girlfriend left her but she’s left her for a man… The ultimate betrayal in Charlie’s eyes. Charlie is a writer and is given the opportunity to move from New York to Los Angeles to work on a TV series that is based on her most notable novel. When in LA she meets the beautiful and charismatic Ava. Ava is a television star and one that Charlie has had a major crush on for years. Both woman are attracted to one another from there introduction however Ava is Bisexual and Charlie can’t be with another woman who could possibly leave her again for a man…… But love always finds a way right? 

My Review 

Harper does it again! Written extremely well l. I felt like I was living part of the story from the beginning. If you want to know more i highly suggest you read the Novel. Not only Read the novel but clear your schedule and grab a nice bottle of vino because once you start ‘Release the Stars’ you will struggle to put it down. I’m hoping that Harper does a follow up novel for this one. 

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