First Position by Melissa Brayden


Melissa Brayden has wrote some of my favourite books that i often reread. So it’s no shock to me that this book is headed for my favourite’s collection. Absolutely loved it… Every word.

Authors Synopsis

Anastasia Mikhelson is the rising star of the New York City Ballet. She’s sacrificed creature comforts, a social life, as well as her own physical well-being for perfection in dance. Even her reputation as The Ice Queen doesn’t faze her. Though Ana’s at the peak of her career, competition from a new and noteworthy dancer puts all she’s worked for in jeopardy.

While Natalie Frederico has shown herself to be a prodigy when it comes to ballet, she much prefers modern dance and living on her own terms. Life is too short for anything else. However, when the opportunity to dance with the New York City Ballet is thrust upon her, it’s not like she could say no. Dealing with the company’s uptight lead is another story, however. When the two are forced to work side-by-side, sparks begin to fly onstage and off.

My Synopsis

Anastasia Michelson and Natalie Frederico are world apart. They both dance different styles in life and in Ballet. Ana lives for Ballet. Nothing but the her best will do and she has strived for that her entire life. She has finally got to the position she wants in the New York City Ballet and then has to share her position with a nobody who has appeared over night. Enter Natalie. Natalie is fun, outgoing and friend to everyone. Her free style interpretation of all things dance drives Ana crazy. Ana has her techniques down pat but it lacks emotion and Natalie has raw emotion but her technique is flawed. Paired together to learn from each other was never going to be a easy test. They not only learn about each others dance technique but they learn valuable life and love lessons along the way. But when the heat rises on stage it often follows off stage…

My Review

I knew i would love this book but had no idea i would completely adore it. I found myself sad when the book ended because i was so caught up in the story i felt part off it. Melissa seems to have the ability to welcome you into the world she is writing about and make you feel at home. I felt the love, the heartbreak, the lust and most importantly the heat. Even to the point that when Ana dances freestyle for Natalie in Chapter 8 i could almost hear the song ‘Read all About it. PtIII’ by Emilie Sande in my over imaginative head. i also like that Melissa seems to have a way of keeping her characters connected. We had a visit from both Adrianne and Jenna (Waiting in the Wings) and then nearer to the end Brooklyn and Jessica (Kiss the Girl) pop by for a cameo appearance. All in all i will, as i do with all my Brayden books, be adding this to my favourites and probably reading it again very soon….. Heck i might just start at Waiting in the Wings and work by way through to First Position.

5 Stars of Awesomeness… Bring on the next one! It won’t be soon enough.



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