Fortunate Sum

Great Debut Novel by M. Ullrich… Plus my favourite colour is blue.

Authors Synopsis

Catherine Carter earned her spot as one of New York’s top financial advisors by following the rules and reaching her every goal. The same applies to Catherine’s personal life. Her next self-imposed deadline is looming, and all that’s left to do is to meet the perfect man.

At her friend’s urging, skeptical Catherine meets with a psychic who tells her to look for the color blue, and that’s when life spirals from her control.

Prospective client, quirky Imogene Harris, is reluctant to hire anyone to help with her inheritance, but when she sees what’s being offered, she has a change of heart.

Catherine denies her attraction to Imogene. Imogene is falling for the woman behind the numbers. Not even a rocky start, secret past, or misinterpreted predictions can stop the women from being drawn to one another. Together they learn that perhaps blue isn’t the color of sadness after all…

My Synopsis

Catherine Carter is a Control Freak, that is in all aspects of her life, work and romance included. She knows what she wants and how she needs to get it. Catherine is a excelling in her field of financial advising and she loves her job.

Enter Imogene. Imogene is introduced to Catherine through mutual friends to help her manage her inheritance. Imogene is a quirky and almost bohemian retail shop owner in the fashion industry.

Catherine starts visiting a Psychic and everything she is told points her in the direction of romance with Imogene but Catherine can’t see this or at least choose’s not to.

When both start to realize their attraction to one another a old and unwanted disruption almost ends it all…

My Review

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. When I read the synopsis on Amazon I thought this book is definitely one for me. I love the idea of having Psychic to lead me through difficult times in my life and was a intrigued by the whole concept the M. Ullrich was able to create in the book. I thought the sex scenes were off the chart and i really enjoyed them.

I liked the sub plot about the college professor, Linda who gave Catherine her first sexual awakening. And I could feel the tension falling from the page when Catherine entered the conference room to find her meeting is with Linda.

All in all I really enjoyed this novel. I could feel what the characters where feeling through the way M. Ullrich explained it with her powerful descriptions. I am anxious to see what comes next from M. Ullrich with such a great first novel.

5 Stars


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