That Certain Something by Clare Ashton

Author Synopsis

Love or money? Follow the head or heart? Pia and Cate seem to be flip sides of a coin. But when they meet they definitely have that certain something, and these questions aren’t so simple after a night like theirs.

Pia Benitez-Smith has her head in the clouds of ideals and romance. She’s a photojournalist out to prove herself with her compassionate eye and although not exactly accident prone, most days trouble seems to find her. On one such day, she literally falls into the arms of the beautiful Cate. Elegant, intriguing and classy, Cate is Pia’s polar opposite. When the two dispute the importance of love versus money, Cate is adamant that her perfect night will always be an expensive one. Working class Pia can’t resist the challenge and with the assistance of a beguiling summer night in London, she begins to enchant her new friend.

My Review

Love at first sight? One night Pia falls literally (out of a tree) for Cate she doesn’t expect to have the best night of her life.

Pia wants to show Cate that you don’t need money to woo the perfect girl. But it’s becomes apparent to Pia that she is at a loss because she will never be able to provide what Cate wants from life in her measly photographer salary. And Cate has always known what route she must take to be looked after.

As they get to know each other better they both realize what they want from life but is their life together? And what’s more important love or money?

I adored this story. It was written beautifully and I felt the character’s embodied real life people. Pia first night with Cate was inspired and the hopeless romantic in me was consumed by the idea of her version of the perfect date for Cate. It was even more beautiful that the date was set with the London backdrop. I’m from Scotland and I have been in London on various occasions. I knew the places that were mentioned quite well and I enjoyed envisioning Pia and Cate there.

One of the things that I loved the most about this book was the fact I laughed out loud on numerous occasions. Pia cracked me up with her clumsiness as it reminded me of myself. But I also couldn’t help myself laughing at Ed, Pia & Cate’s Editor at the Magazine. I’ve been called ‘Short Arse’ my whole life so that made me chuckled but all the other comments were gold. Ones I will use in my own repertoire.

Also the sex scenes were off the chart… Loved it!

Cate & Pia’s story warmed my heart. I loved this novel. And I am now going to download the rest of Clare Ashton’s novels… Right now!

5 Stars. Can’t wait for what’s next…

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That Certain Something

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