Delayed Gratification: The Honeymoon by Meghan O’Brien

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A Perfect Honeymoon… made even better when disaster stikes!

 Author Synopsis

After ten years in love, Willa and Rae decide to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage by getting hitched and going on a dream European vacation. First stop: the final weekend of Carnevale in Venice, Italy. When the international leg of their flight is cancelled due to a fast-moving winter storm, Willa refuses to admit defeat and give up her carefully laid plans. All Rae wants is some quiet time to reconnect with her wife after months of wedding madness, but she agrees to attempt a late-night trek across the snowy midwest in a last-ditch attempt to make it to Venice before the festivities end. After surviving a near-death experience on the icy road, Willa and Rae find themselves at odds regarding the entire point of their honeymoon. Can an unexpected rescuer help them rediscover what’s really important, and each other?

My Synopsis

Willa and Rae have been to together for ten years and finally with the legalization on Same Sex marriage final had their dream wedding. On the way to their dream honeymoon, disaster strikes in the form of a almighty storm. It ruins their plans and busy itinerary but sometimes all you need is to be with the person you love and it can still be perfect… Right?

My Review

I enjoyed the story and I actually identified with the characters. I am just married and after waiting ten years… So the arguments there characters were having felt quite like some I’ve had in the past with my now wife.

The sex was off the chart. The erotic scenes were fantastic and this didn’t surprise me as some of my favourite erotic novels are by Meghan O’Brien and her characters amazing sexual escapades.

My only criticism is it felt too rushed for me. And I think that’s why I normally prefer novels to novellas. As a reader I like to get to know the characters in the book and understand them. I would have liked more of the story from Willa and Rae. Maybe starting the day of the wedding and finishing when they arrive home and back to reality. Did it change them? Would they spend more time concentrating on each other not the wedding and honeymoon is over?

4 stars. A Overall nice little read.




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