Life in Death by M. Ullrich

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I am still coming down from my emotional high from this book. M. Ullrich knocked my socks off with this one.

When Marty and Suzanne Dempseys Daughter Abigail dies, the life they lived is not worth living anymore. If you combine that with mistakes they both make before Abigail’s passing that ultimately ends up in divorce, the tragedy is doubled.

The last conversation that Marty has with her daughter before she dies coupled with a note she find the day of her funeral give Marty the courage to believe in hope and love. She will do anything to get at least one of her girls back… she just hopes that Suzanne can forgive her. But sometimes you’ve got to prove your still the right choice…

Well to start with I was nervous about reading this novel if I am honest. I’ve been with my wife for ten years now (We Just got married! Yay!) and I’ve only been a mum for 18 months but the idea of loosing my child as well as divorcing my wife leaves me feeling a little unsettled. So when I first read the synopsis for this book I thought that maybe it wouldn’t be the best read for me … but then I love the Author’s last book, Fortunate Sum so I thought just give it a go!

Thank godness I came to my senses because I was astounded how much I loved this book. Not only that, the admiration and courage it would take to write this novel is beyond me. M. Ullrich sent me on a emotional rollercoaster. I felt so much sadness for both Marty and Suzanne when Abigail first falls sick and then passes away, then I felt butterflies when you are taken back to Marty and Susanne meeting for the first time and the love that was so instantaneous. But most of all I felt absolute joy knowing that in times of darkness you can still find love the one you meant to be with.

It was a story of hope, tragedy and above all love.

Overwhelming and heartfelt second novel from M. Ullrich. 5 stars wishing I could give it more!!!

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