Camp Rewind by Meghan O’Brien

I Decided to repost this because i am having a week of rereading my favourite Meghan O’Brien Novels!

Camp Rewind was another great Read from Meghan O’Brien. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Author Synopsis

 Alice Wu is at Camp Rewind only because her therapist thinks it’ll help her overcome the social anxiety she’s battled since childhood. She’s not sure she believes that theory, but will try anything to make a real friend. A casual fling would also be nice, but she’s not holding her breath.

Rosa Salazar hopes camp will be an escape from a life permanently altered. Eviscerated online for her feminist critique of a popular video game, Rosa has endured months of anonymous threats over social media, doxxing, and, worst of all, the posting of graphic, sexually explicit material stolen from her cloud storage—including a dirty video she made for an ex. Using a fake name, she enrolls in camp craving a return to a simpler time, before the shame.

Alice and Rosa soon discover that at Camp Rewind, anything is possible. Even an unlikely friendship that swiftly becomes something more.


My Synopsis

Alice Wu is beyond painfully Shy. Her life has become so introverted and she’s withdrawn from people in all settings in her life. A life she never created for herself but was forced on to Alice by her parents and her ex-husband. Alice’s only friend is her therapist who has convinced her to go to Camp Rewind.

At Camp Rewind it about setting the clocks back and becoming a child again. Embracing life and making friends… But is Alice ready for this?

Rosa Sanjez is living her life under the radar due to an article she writes about a misogynistic and sexist video game. The article has lead to, her computer being hacked and the contents being leaked, death and rape threats that make it hard for her to now live a normal life.

Rosa attends Camp Rewind under a pseudonym. She plans to have fun and maybe have a weekend fling but all incognito. She just doesn’t plan on Alice Wu… is Alice someone that she may want to reveal her true guise to?

My Review

This was a novel that opened by eyes to the horrible world of Internet trolling and also how intensely dangerous some of these video game cultures are.

After doing some research in between reading Camp Rewind I was quite saddened by the statistics on the negativity these games are creating in predominately young teenagers. So thank you Megan O’Brien for opening my eyes to the dangers of not only video gaming and trolling but also how our privacy is so easily invaded even when we think we are “Password Protected”!

They novel itself was great. I really loved Alice. She made me want her to befriend her. She was someone I wanted to protected but also let her explore the new world she was creating with her bravery and Courage.

The sex scenes were off the chart, which is normal for a Meghan O’Brien Novel. Boy does she know Lesbian sex and eroticism. I’m still blushing but how I love it!

4.5 stars and easily my second favourite Meghan O’Brien novel … 13 Hours is still my favourite!

Quote of the Book:

Rosa opened wide, dark eyes that glittered under the bright moon. “Yeah, I’m just…” She bent forward, wrists on her knees, and exhaled. “I really want this to be perfect for you. I wish…” Another rueful sigh. “I guess I wish there was a real bed around here somewhere…with some rose petals…maybe candles.” Rosa lifted a shoulder, seemingly embarrassed by her fantasy scenario. “I want this to be right for you.” A real bed would be nice. Very nice. But the lack of one wasn’t even close to a deal breaker. Not when they were this close. “All I need for tonight to be right, and perfect, is you.”

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