Nothing To Lose By Clare Lydon

Clare Lydon creates a sweet yet sexy Romance novel.

Author Synopsis

Can you find love in a hopeless place? Nobody would ever describe Scarlet Williams as a ray of sunshine, but that doesn’t mean she deserves the flood that wipes out her basement flat, making her temporarily homeless.

Enter Joy Hudson, local mayor & sunshine specialist, who opens her house to flood refugees and ends up with Scarlet on her doorstep. Two more opposing characters you couldn’t fail to meet, and yet, somehow, they strike up a friendship. But when the rain stops and the sun comes out, could that friendship blossom into something more?

My Synopsis

 The sleepy town of Dulshaw is on the brink of being flooded. The floodgates are opening and Scarlet Williams is in the torrent path. She gets a knock on the door at 4am and is told her basement flat will be swallowed by the pending disaster. That’s is all Scarlet needs; she’s not exactly the most positive and optimistic person.

Enter Joy Hudson, the Local Mayor of Dulshaw, Life coach and closeted lesbian. Joy has only told her Gran and her Ex-husband/Best friend about her sexuality that’s until she takes in some flood disaster victims that no longer have homes.

From the moment Scarlet turns up on Joy’s doorstep there are destined for a world wind romance… Can Scarlet find her inner sunshine? And can Joy let her inner Lesbian out to play?


My Review

I found the novel light, sexy and easy to read. It was exactly what I was in the mood for. The characters had genuine life and love obstacles and I found myself cheering them on throughout.

The sex scenes where a extreme turn on. Especially the Kitchen Sex Scene in chapter 15… it’s worth the wait.

The back-story about the flood, its victims and how the community pulling together also pulled at my heart strings. It really enhanced the feel good feeling you get from Joy and Scarlet’s romantic journey.

This was the first novel by Clare Lydon I’ve read and I’ll definitely be watching out for her next novel. 4 stars.


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