All That Lies Within by Lynn Ames

Great Novel to start my Lynn Ames Collection.

Author Synopsis

How far would you go to hide who you really are inside? And what do you do when you find the one person from whom hiding your true self isn’t an option?

Glamorous movie star Dara Thomas has it all—an Oscar nomination, dozens of magazine covers proclaiming her the sexiest woman alive, and people of both sexes clamoring for her attention. She also has a carefully guarded secret life. As Constance Darrow, Dara writes Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction, an outlet that allows her to be so much more than just a pretty face.

Rebecca Minton is a professor of American Literature in love with the work of the mysterious, reclusive author Constance Darrow, with whom she strikes up a correspondence. A chance phrase in a letter leads her to a startling conclusion about the author.

What happens next will change the course of both of their lives forever.

My Synopsis

Rebecca is Pulitzer Prize-winning Author, Constance Darrow’s biggest fan. She has started correspondence with the recluse Author discussing her novels and with every response becomes more interested in the real person behind Constance.

Dara Thomas is an Oscar nominee actress but she has a secret, she is moonlighting actually the Pulitzer Prize-winning Author, Constance Darrow. She has gone to great lengths to keep Constance’s true identity hidden, but when she starts corresponding with Rebecca she starts letting her guard down and could loose it all… if only she hadn’t started to fall for Rebecca.

My Review

A beautifully written book that had me engrossed from the beginning. This is the first book I’ve read by Lynn Ames and I only wish I had found her novels earlier.

It is a story of finding the courage to embrace who you are for the one you love. I hope Lynn Ames writes a sequel or a series to this novel because I feel there was more to their story after the book ended… I want more Rebecca and Dara.

4.5 Stars


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