In The Distance There Is Light by Harper Bliss

Well Harper Bliss really got to my raw emotion with this one…

Author Synopsis

Sophie’s life is turned upside down when her partner, Ian, dies in a tragic accident. The only one who can understand her devastation is Ian’s stepmother, Dolores. Together, they try to make sense of their loss and rebuild their shattered lives. While their shared grief brings them closer, it also takes their relationship in an unexpected direction. Where does sorrow end and romance begin? Or has Ian’s death blurred the lines too much?

If you love deeply emotional lesbian romance with a twinge of controversy, don’t miss this intense but hopeful novel by chart-topper Harper Bliss.

My synopsis

Sophie has just lost the love of her life, Ian. He was everything to her and now he’s gone. They only person that can share and understand her grief is Ian’s Step Mother Dolores.

Sophie needs to be close to Dolores to understand her pain. She slowly becomes immersed in everything Dolores. She moves in with her because she can’t go back to her and Ian’s apartment, she sleeps in Dolores bed because she is can’t sleep on her own and she relies on Dolores for comfort when she’s not copying… But now she’s beginning to have feelings for her dead partners mother? Can this be normal? Is this love?

My review

This book confused me…

At some points I felt so much love for these characters and sorrow for how they must be feeling in regards to Ian’s death. Then at other times couldn’t understand how this relationship could survive when in the beginning it’s based on grief and pain.

The idea of sharing a bed with my mother in-law leaves me a bit uneasy but alias this is probably more about our relationship… It’s not one based on friendship.

All this said if you strip away all the ‘Taboo’ issues is it not just about love? Because really sometimes you can’t choose whom you fall for…

By the end of the book I had thoroughly enjoyed the book, which surprised me, as I was worried I wouldn’t enjoy this one.

4.5 Stars! Will be rereading again.

I refer to a quote by Jodi Picoult (Author of ‘My Sisters Keeper’)

“The bottom line is that we never fall for the person we’re supposed to”