96 Hours by Georgia Beers

After a reread this weekend I had to write a review for 96 Hours… still one of my favorites from Georgia Beers.

Author Synopsis

Erica Ryan is flying home from London after a disastrous business trip. Free spirit Abby Hayes is flying into New York City to visit her mother before jetting off again. Both end up in Gander, Canada, when their flight is diverted because of 9/11. For ninety-six hours they share a rollercoaster of emotions and find themselves drawn to one another. Will their nascent connection survive everyday life when they return home?


My Synopsis

In the wake of the devastation of 9/11 all flights into America are diverted to other countries until the US was safe and secure. The people of Gander, Canada opened their hearts and their homes to, as they called them, ‘The Plane People.

In the midst of the most horrific circumstance a love story plays out. It shows that in the worst of situations sometimes love is the only way to survive but once the chaos stops can you really go back to normal?


My Review

I have read and reread every one of Georgia Beers Novels and she never disappoints. I laugh, I cry (a lot) and I was on the edge of my seat from start to finish with this one. I was hooked by time I had finished chapter one.

The friendship come relationship between Erica and Abby was so endearing. It was obvious that it was the situation that changed them and blended them into the perfect match.

Beers has a way of dragging you into her world and with this story I was a little reluctant with the subject matter however by the end I was completely absorbed and wanted to comfort the protagonist and their friends. I love the idea of in the worst of situations that people can still find love.

The loving community feel in Gander really shone through and book put my faith back in humanity. After finishing 96 hours I did some research on Gander and the correlation with 9/11. I was humbled to read that Gander was not a fictional place and the community in this town was just as wonderful as Beers describes.

Great Novel. 4.5 Stars.


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