Lysistrata Cove by Dena Hankins

ARC received from NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Ok this is a really clever book! I’m enjoying the learning curve…

Author Synopsis

Jack Azevedo captains his charter sailboat in the Caribbean. Life can’t get any better, especially once he discovers a mysterious uncharted island with a sugar-sand cove for his passengers to enjoy and an intriguing, if angry, inhabitant.

Superstar Eve La Sirena has an illicit plan to restore creative freedom to musicians worldwide…if she can keep an ocean between her public and her secrets. Jack’s arrival exposes her island retreat and jeopardizes years of work, but his sweet generosity whets her cruel appetites.

As a transmasculine gender explorer and BDSM bottom, Jack’s used to flouting convention, not the law. When Eve’s clandestine project draws three kinds of cops, everything he has is endangered. Will the maelstrom of emotion strip the civilized veneer from his piratical heart?

My synopsis

Jack is a transmasculine man that enjoys being a BDSM bottom. He is taking his time working his way through his transition, is supported well in the Trans/BDSM community and loves his life on his junk rig sailboat in the Caribbean. On one such voyage he finds a mysterious island and discovers an even more mysterious inhabitant.

Eve wants to change the world. Her music career has funded her lavish lifestyle and she now wants to make a difference in the music industry and she is not one to apologize for her crimes en route to success…

Jack and Eve are attracted to one another for the moment their eyes meet. Could this attraction could ruin everything they have both worked for?


My Review 

My head is still spinning from this novel. I needed a few days to come down from my Hankins high before starting anything else. I learned so much from this book and I was forced to put the book down a few times to use Google to make sure I was understanding Jacks transition but also to correctly interpret some of the BDSM lingo.

Firstly I want to hang out with the main protagonist Jack and get to know his story from the beginning. Jack’s transition from female to male was one I hadn’t come across before. It was refreshing and I really enjoyed every moment that concentrated on him.

Eve and Harmony’s relationship confused me in the beginning but by the end I understood the dynamic a little better. Harmony really was something special though and I’d like to see a novel focused solely on her. Also her sex scenes were extremely hot and I was left wanting more…

Talking of sex scenes. Wow! Just a few words to describe them…

HOT! EXPLOSIVE! SENSUOUS! DARING! Did I say WOW??? I couldn’t sleep after reading the sex scenes and at one point had to put the book down because I was in public… Yes I was blushing which is shocking because nothing fazes me and I definitely don’t blush!

All I’ll say is the description of Eve dressed Aphrodite has had my mind running since that chapter ended…

I think a sequel to Lysistrata Cove is a must. I want to go along for Eve and Jacks next adventure…

5 Stars.


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