Tomorrow’s Promise by Radclyffe

Author Synopsis

Adrienne Pierce, buffeted by fate and abandoned by love, seeks refuge from her past as well as her uncertain future on Whitley Point, a secluded island off the coast of Maine. Tanner Whitley—young, wild, restless—and heir to a dynasty, desperately tries to escape both her destiny and the memories of a tragic loss with casual sex and wild nights, a dangerous course that may ultimately destroy her. One timeless summer, these two very different women discover the power of passion to heal–and the promise of hero that only love can bestow.


My Synopsis

Adrienne Pierce has had her life turned upside down. She wants a break from the craziness of the past year and decides to make her way to Whitley Point for the summer.

Tanner Whitley is the heir to the Whitley dynasty. She’s a ladies Woman that is reckless with her life with drugs and alcohol to forget the tragic death of her hero, her father. Getting lost on each other was never the plan but what happens when he summer ends?


My Review

I actually loved this book. It is why Radclyffe is one of my favourite Lesfic Romance Authors. She has a way of making you feel your part of the story.

The attraction between Adrienne and Tanner is so thick you can see it. I love the way Tanner is with life but when it comes to Adrienne she’s only reckless with her heart. She loves her openly and freely. She tells Adrienne how she feels straight away which I wasn’t expecting. I thought it would be Adrienne who would be this way and Tanner be more protective of her feeling but it was a nice change of pace.

The sex scenes where extremely hot and I liked the added insecurities it brought to the surface especially for Adrienne.

I found myself being swept up in the novel and haven’t quite come back from it yet.

Loved it. 4.5 stars


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