Love on Call By Radclyffe

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The third installment of ‘The River Community Romance Series’
Authors Synopsis

Some people work to pay the bills or send the kids to school or afford playtime. Ex-Army medic physician-assistant Glenn Archer works, as much as she possibly can, to atone for all the lost lives on her conscience. No matter how many patients she helps save at the Rivers Community Hospital, it will never be enough, but it helps her look at herself in the mirror in the morning.

Mariana Mateo needs to make a new life, one without the daily reminders of all she’s lost and far away from the suffocating sympathies of her well-meaning family, and moving to a place as different as possible from the bustling LA she grew up in seems like a good idea. A cousin she hasn’t seen in twenty years is the only person who knows her in the tiny upstate New York farming community, and that’s just the way she wants it.

When working side by side with Glenn Archer in the ER makes Mari remember what desire feels like, Mari determines to ignore the feelings, which isn’t all that difficult since Glenn is as unapproachable as the beautiful but remote mountains.


My Review

This book felt like it rounded up a few of the things that were left unanswered in ‘Presctiprion for Love’ with Flannery, Abby and especially Blake.

But on to the new story…

New to Rivers Community Hospital is Mariana. She’s seems to come in with some sort of tragedy weighing on her mind and as we get to know her we find out she has a bucket load of worries, I don’t want to give spoilers but the girls has a lot going on.

Our resident stud, Glenn has moved from the OR to the ER and is working directly with Mariana. There is a instant attraction between them and well in true Radclyffe fashion there are a heap of hurdles to over come before they can be together.

I enjoyed this novel. It was nice to see Glenn in a different role than in Flannerys shadow. Marianna and Glenn are both tortured souls and they complement each other beautifully. They both understand tragedy from different angles but also have learned to survive on their own. But love is about surviving life together right?

I felt I understood Flannery more again in this book. She and Abby are definitely my favorite couple in the series so far. There are a few moments between Flannery and Glenn throughout this book that give the reader an insight into how important their friendship is between them.

I’m hoping the next book in the series gives poor Carrie a shot at love. She almost had a thing with Flannery and then kind of had thoughts of dragging Glenn of to bed. Give the girl a break its got to be her turn next. And Blake and Margie need to finally decide they are meant to be together. 

4 stars


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