Prescription for Love by Radclyffe

The second instalment of ‘The River Community Romance Series’

 Authors Synopsis

Flannery Rivers is content to let her sister Harper carry on the family dynasty—at The Rivers hospital w here they both work and on the home front. Now that Harper is settled and soon to be happily married, Flannery can ease back into her life of casual flirtations and find all the excitement she needs in the ER. She’s even got her next playmate all lined up, or so she thinks.

Abigail Remy is a city girl who accepts a position at the imperiled country hospital in the hope of finding a stable, safe community for her teenaged daughter who just announced she’s a he. Unfortunately, when she arrives to work, she discovers the current ER Chief is less than happy to be replaced by a fresh-out-of-residency new comer. Add unexpected attraction to the incendiary mix of city and county, fire and ice, tradition and change—and the prescription is combustible

My Review

I must say I read a few of the reviews on Goodreads before starting this and wasn’t expecting much but I am glad to report I actually liked it. I did think the story was a little rushed by the end but because I knew it was a series it did not worry me too much.

Flannery Rivers is my kind of character. Cool, suave and oozing sex appeal. She see’s what she wants and goes for it. Yes this is seen as arrogant in some cases but I kind of like it on Flannery, it works. When she sets her sights on Abby you can tell straight away her normal charm isn’t going to work and I love how Radclyffe pulled back her façade and showed her emotional side. I enjoyed Abby making Flannery work for it and it made sense with having her young son Blake to think about.

I really enjoyed the sub plot of Abby’s son Blake. Blake is Trans and his story is one that made the story worth its fourth star in my mind. I don’t want to ruin it by giving too much detail but this for me was the core of the book.

Good second book. Looking forward to reading the next in the series ‘Love on Call’.

4 stars


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