Dear Me by Robin Alexander

This book floored me! It was just after 3am when finished reading it! Such a romantic tale with great a comical element… I absolutely loved it! 

Author Synopsis 

Alexis Holt unknowingly meets the woman of her dreams at a party. Unfortunately, Alexis was at the wrong place at the wrong time and walked away from the encounter thinking Stacy Kirkland was an arrogant snob. Alexis knew it wouldn’t be the last time she saw Stacy, and she wasn’t looking forward to their next meeting. 

Thanks to the Internet, Stacy Kirkland already knows who Alexis is before they meet face to face. She’s one step ahead of Alexis because Stacy already has a crush on her. There are a couple of problems, though—Stacy’s in a relationship that’s in the last stages of its demise, and after meeting Alexis, she’s pretty certain that Alexis despises her. 

Grab something cool to drink, find a comfortable place, and let Robin Alexander take you on a hilarious journey to happily ever after.
My review 

The main characters, Alexis & Stacy have such a fantastic and undeniable connection. It was simply meant to be from the moment they met. In true Lesfic fashion there was little misunderstanding that changes their course to each other but only slightly.  There was no major (minor maybe) obstacles, or crazy schemes … it was simple, warm, loving and ultimately everything that makes a Romantic Lesfic Great! Plus I laughed my self breathless a few times. All the big laughs go to Alexis’s Grammy and her Mother Allison. What a comedy duet! 

It’s the first Robin Alexander book I’ve read but it certainly won’t be the last… I actually just downloaded ‘Next Time’ and I plan to start it straight away! 

Categorically 5 stars! 

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