Stepping Stone by Karin Kallmaker

Slow starter but i was fully invested by the end…

Author Synopsis

Motion picture producer Selena Ryan has the impossible: Fame and fortune and her integrity. Her reputation for playing fair in an industry rife with games has earned her respect from other producers, writers, and actors.

She’s learned the lesson that plenty of people would like to use her to get what they want–a starring role or some other way into the movies. Most of them feel no obligation to return any favors she might give. Burned badly by actress Jennifer Lamont, who used her and left her with a devastating aftermath, she’s wary of everyone related to the industry.

Surrounded by gatekeepers to keep the hopeful at bay, aspiring starlets have tried every trick in the book to make Selena’s acquaintance. When Gail Welles literally lands in Selena’s lap, she suspects another ploy. Jennifer’s sudden announcement that Selena is still her one-and-only is equally ill-timed and suspect. Selena wants everyone to leave her alone, even if that means living without love.

My Review

This book is not written in a typical Lesfic romance format. The story got off to a slow start. I thought the characters where never going to have their moment but when it happens boy is it worth the slow burn.

The book starts off giving a little background on Selena. She’s a movie producer, philanthropist and the owner of a broken heart, care of the very gorgeous and talented actress Jennifer Lamont. Selena is wary of love that could break her heart again and Gail Welles is everything that could wreck her.

Gail is a struggling actress and has given herself a time limit on making it in Hollywood before heading back to her hometown and starting again. Just when she thinks all is lost she gets her big break.

Gail never expected to be attracted to Selena and vice versa however the heart wants what the heart want. Selena doesn’t want to get her heart broken by another actress and she also doesn’t want to create another media buzz about sleeping with a cast member. There were so many moments for these women to make and every time I was left disappointed but wanting more.

I enjoyed Stepping Stone. 3.5 Stars.

I have just downloaded Kallmaker’s next novel in the series Captain of Industry to keep going with Jennifer Lamont’s story…

Favourite Quote

‘Maybe because she was rare. Rare and fine, a one-of-a-kind-woman. Sweet-natured without being humorless. Sexy, God yes, sexy. Blood rushed in her ears remembering Gail’s words: The only power you have over me is what i give you.


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