Etched in shadows by KG MacGregor 

This book shook me a little bit. I love KG MacGregor books, but this one has left me thinking about the storyline days after I’ve finished it. 

What’s the book about?
The story follows two strong southern women. Alice owns a real estate business that she runs with her Mother. She a lesbian and has been in love with her best friend Johnelle for all of her life. Johnelle seems to have a perfect life. She is married to her college sweetheart Dwight. They both seem to genuinely love one another and have a son Ian whom they both adore.

Part of Johnelle’s job is to travel to other cities. On one such work trip her plane crashes, and she sustains some brain injuries. One of the side effects is her feelings for Dwight have changed, and the love for Alice that she has hidden so deep for most of her life have come to the surface. 

Books Strengths
Alice was the star of the book me. She’s caring, honest, courageous, respectful, but above all, she knows how to love unconditionally with no expectation of it being reciprocated! If I’m honest everything, Alice fits into the personality of my dream girl. Her devil may care attitude paired with her loyal, and caring nature makes her sweet perfection.

I felt for Johnelle throughout her horrific story, but if I’m honest, my heart went out more to Alice and Dwight. From the moment Dwight realises he is losing Johelle, I felt such sadness for him. There are so many points throughout the book; you can almost hear his heartbreaking. He loves Johnelle so much. Don’t get me wrong there are also instances I thought he was too controlling and condescending, but I generally felt like Dwight was a good guy.

The love between Alice and Johnelle is beautiful. It’s not rushed as it’s taken most of their lives to get it together but when it does happen it’s a beautiful love. I think both women are courageous to choose their relationship over the other characters feelings because for most of the book, both woman, especially Alice, put everyone else before them.

Book Weaknesses
My only negative would that there is a little too much religion and church-going for me, but that’s a personal thing. Also would have liked an epilogue. I think that would have cleared up any unanswered questions about Johelle health and her relationship with Alice.

The chemistry between Johnelle and Alice is evident from the beginning. They are best friends, and the intimacies they share could be mistaken for a close friendship in the beginning. KG MacGregor slowly ramps up the heat between them until bamn there it is and there is no turning back. I think it feels more intense because they have always wanted each other.

Heat Rating:

Wrap up
I would recommend this book but be prepared with tissues and vino because you are in for an emotional but beautiful ride.

Star Rating
4 stars. 

Would you like to grab a copy?