Totally Worth It by Maggie Cummings

Well talk about falling head over heels for book…

My Review

The novel centers on the lives of the woman living in an all-lesbian housing association called Bay West.

The main two protagonists in this book are Meg and Lexi. Meg has just moved into Bay West after an emotional break up and Bay West is just what the doctor ordered. She meets Lexi on her first day in her new home and they don’t waste time becoming friends. Lexi has lived in Bay West all her life with her lesbian mums and siblings. Together Lexi and Meg set out on an all-lesbian adventure to find love and whole lot of fun!

I am actually still coming down from the fun that is this novel. I love a good series but this is might be the start of a something truly fantastic…

So firstly I have a few questions…

Where is this lesbian community? Why didn’t I know about this? And how can I convince the Bay West Board that my Wife, Son and I are destined to live there? And if this doesn’t exist I’m at the front of the queue to invest!

I loved all the women in the book. This is definitely a book that screams Girl Power… Oh no! Did I just reference the Spice Girls … oh the shame!!!

Maggie Cummings has set up this first novel brilliantly. She has left the reader excited at the many romantic avenues and adventures she can take her characters on throughout the next books. I’m just glad that I am only now getting around to catching up as I’ve now got serious Potential (book two in the series) to start tonight before bed… and let me tell you I am extremely excited!

My favourite character was actually Jesse who wasn’t really a main character but was featured well. She definitely someone I can relate to and I hope she still has an active role in the next book.

Fantastic novel and I had so much fun reading it. Great start to the Bay West Social Series!

5 Stars!

Quote of the Book:

“Look, she’s sweet and beautiful, yes.” Jesse peered into her beer hoping for one last sip. “And, well you’ve met her, she’s completely unaffected and intelligent. And adorable.” She shrugged dismissively attempting to make light of her words. Nick called her bluff. “Nice try, honey.” He spoke directly to her even as he scanned the crowd over her shoulder. “Sorry, Jess, but I’ve known you a long time. This is exactly the type of girl you try to nail all the time. Usually do, if I’m not mistaken.” “Not this girl.” She turned to see what young stud had caught his attention as she continued. “This isn’t the girl you nail. This is the girl you marry.”


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