A Palette for Love by Charlotte Greene

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Author Synopsis 

Art historian Chloé Devereaux needs a job, and she wants it to be in her hometown of New Orleans. She interviews for a position as an assistant at a prestigious art dealership run by the Winters Corporation—specifically, the beautiful, ruthless, and alluring Amelia Winters. 

Amelia intrigues Chloé—and intimidates her. After she hires Chloé, Amelia insists that her assistant dress the part, and takes her on a whirlwind makeover and shopping spree. Before Chloé knows it, she is wearing designer clothes and barely recognizes herself in the mirror. Chloé’s friends and family are worried, and they warn her that Amelia is a lady killer. Chloé does her best to ignore them, reasoning that her relationship with Amelia is purely professional…or is it? Is Chloé’s growing regard for Amelia something more than friendship? Are her friends and family right? Should Chloé steer clear?

My Review

Chloe Devereaux has come home from studying in Paris to find a job as a historian. With no jobs available in her home town of New Orleans she decided to broaden her career focus. 

Enter Amelia Winters. Amelia owns her own art dealership and hires Chloe on the spot as her new assistant. She’s is know for being quite the bachelorette and seducing her assistants. But Chloe is different and she feels things for her she hasn’t felt before. Chloe definitely feels the attraction straight away and much to the disapproval of her family decides to pursue a relationship with Amelia. 

A palette for love is written from Chloe’s POV. I normally like to have both Protagonist’s point of view because I get a better understanding of their relationship however this was written well and I enjoyed reading Chloe’s thoughts about her feelings for Amelia. Their relationship isn’t one without it’s problems especially one very intimate issue that Chloe is really struggling with and it put a unusual spin on their dynamic. It was interesting to read Chloe work through this issue but this was the only time in the novel I thought it would have been good to have Amelia’s POV. 

I never realised this was a series until just after I started to read it and this explained a lot about the ending of the book and the unanswered questions about Amelia crazy ex-girlfriend. I do like shorter breaks between books in a series but this isn’t something that’s a deal breaker for me. The sequel Canvas for Love will be released July 2017. 

4 stars. 

Quote of the Book: 

“I would rather have been dancing with you. Last night and tonight. Only you.”

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