Serious Potential by Maggie Cummings

We’ll suffice to say I’m still hooked on the incredible series! Wow!

My Review

Meg is back and still looking for romance. She just doesn’t expect to fall for Sasha, the straight girl she’s been eyeing at work. But what comes from falling for a straight girl…. you got it! Drama! Then we have my favourite couple Jesse and Lexi, who are still madly in love. Can you hear the ding-dong of wedding bells? How will Lexi’s parents cope with this news! There is also the hot new romance between Tracy and Betsy! And they are definitely steamy when they are together…  Tracy and Betsy are fun and the sparks fly instantly. It was a great watching their love and attraction unfold.

Serious potential was another great read from Maggie Cummings. Truly loved every minute of it. I’m so glad we got more from Betsy this time round. Her relationship with Tracy was great to watch develop and their intimacy was off the chart.

Meg and Sasha’s relationship led me on an emotional rollercoaster. i really liked Sasha and felt even with all the issues they where meant to be together. But when the Author threw in a Second love interest, in the form of Reina, I was so torn… I still am! I normally know exactly who I want the protagonist to fall in love with but I’m left unsure and I almost want to sit down and right a pros and cons list. I think book 3 will be epic if includes this love triangle.

All and all book 2 in the Bay West Social series was a hit. It cleared up some cliffhangers from book 1 and we have some pretty major new ones for book 3… i mean Kam Browne… really? Enough said! I have just one question for the author. Do we have a release date for book 3?

5 Stars of exceptional writing! Can’t wait to see what’s next from the Bay West Social Series.

Quote of the Book:

“Dr. Clemente will be here in a minute.” Reina looked downright sexy when she bit her lower lip again, the exact same way she had earlier. “You have a gorgeous mouth, Meg. I would love to examine it again, perhaps with my own next time.” She reached over and handed Meg a folded slip of paper, before letting her hand graze the length of Meg’s arm as she left the room. The doctor was in the room before Meg could even open the paper and Meg figured he had to have heard at least part of Reina’s comment, if not the whole thing. Meg spent the rest of her appointment in a fog, shocked over the course of events and dying to see what Reina had written. It wasn’t until she was inside her car that she opened the note. Underneath Reina’s ten-digit phone number she read: I would really like to go out with you sometime. Call me if you’re interested…RR.


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