The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon

I’ve never read a novel that starts with a sex scene… and wow!! It’s definitely a good way to keep me glued to the page…

My Synopsis

Three months before her wedding to her post-college sweetheart, reality show producer Annie Collins finally acknowledges her dormant desires. Wrapped in the arms of another woman—her trainer, Oksana Gorinkov—Annie experiences a physical heat she never knew existed. Soon the one-night stand meant to be her final farewell to the single life stretches into a consuming month-long affair, the genuine intensity of which neither woman can ignore. Annie sees where her heart belongs, and though the objections from her family and friends and the scars from Oksana’s ex threaten to drive them back to their respective sides of Los Angeles, Annie knows she must fight for this relationship, a real love worth much more than any fantasy she’s ever dreamed up.


My Review

Annie is getting married in a few months and her fiancé Jeff is going on month long bachelor’s party around Europe. Both decided that while he’s away they have free reign to explore their curiosities and have any final flings. Annie is using this time to delve into her bi-curiosity and is ecstatic that her very lesbian personal trainer, Oksana who she has been attracted to from the moment they met, has agreed to be her one last fling before she gets hitched! However, when they have that one ‘no-strings attached’ night of passion, neither of them plans on falling in love…

I actually really enjoyed the storyline. I thought it was fresh and exciting. The author’s description of her protagonists was so informative that both women sounded sexy as hell.

I loved the name Oksana! Personally I find it a really cool name and Oksana herself was my favourite character. She was strong, passionate and honest – all attributes that make my favourite romantic heroines. Annie was so sweet and discovers she is genuinely in love with Oksana. The first chapter is phenomenal and caught me hook, line and sinker and I was invested in these characters from the beginning.

The sex scenes were steamy and provocative while also loving and sensuous. It was an important part of Annie and Oksana relationship and was communicated well in each scene.

Loved it and will definatley be online later tonight buying more books by Rebekah Weatherspoon. 4.5 Stars.

Quote of the Book:

“Shit, this has been a long week. I just want to relax. Some short girl keeps fucking up my carefully orchestrated yet calm existence.”


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