The Second Wave by Jean Copeland

A groovy story that will capture your heart.

Author Synopsis

Alice never imagined that meeting co-worker Leslie would lead to an all-consuming love affair. But even in the anything-goes 1970s, feminist attitudes and the sexual revolution can’t change the fact that Leslie is a traditional married mom of two who won’t chance losing her children to follow her heart and divorce her husband. Their year of risk, passion, and heartache takes its toll on both women. Tired of only receiving crumbs from Leslie, Alice makes the toughest choice of her life and moves on.

Although their affair is short-lived, their desire to be together never dies. Nearly forty years later, Alice returns to Connecticut after learning Leslie has suffered a stroke. She soon realizes that time and distance haven’t doused the fire for Leslie that’s always burned in her heart. But is it too late to pick up where they left off?


My Review

What a beautiful story of torture and love. Alice and Leslie are best friend and co-workers but when Alice discovers she has feelings for Leslie, she doesn’t understand them. As her feeling grow, Leslie begins to reciprocate these feelings. They start a torrid affair and fall madly in love, hiding it from everyone especially Leslie’s Husband, Bill. Unfortunately, Leslie can’t leave her husband and children and Alice wants them to be together without sneaking around. The book then picks up forty years later and tells the story of where these women are now and how when you fall for your one great love, you never stop falling…

The story jumps between past and present and is told from Alice’s POV. I was way too invested in this novel and I could feel my chest constrict every time Alice pleaded with Leslie to choose her instead of staying with her husband. I got so angry when Alice had the opportunity of a second chance when Leslie shows up in Boston but she’s so hurt and can’t see anything changing. I’ve only been a mum for a year and a half but I totally understood where Leslie was coming from in relation to the possibility of loosing her kids.

I think the only negative the book has is that I personally would have liked to read Leslies POV. I think there were a few times that, if Leslies thoughts where in play, the reader would understand her feelings for Alice better. This is very minor because the story flowed really well and Leslie’s nature was to be open and honest with Alice, so there wasn’t much guessing.

I loved the novel and like how the story went from past to present to explain how Alice was so unsure of her life in both eras because of her love for Leslie.

I’ll definitely be tracking down another Jean Copeland novel and starting it soon.

4.5 Stars


Quote of the Book:

“Leslie, I know you don’t want me to say this, but I have to, just this once. I’m in love with you—madly, passionately in love with you.”


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