Courageous Love by K.C Richardson

Very Courageous

Author Synopsis

Alex Taylor is an ER nurse who prides herself on the care she gives to those in need. Through a chance encounter, Alex meets police sergeant Francesca Greco and finds the handsome officer too hard to resist. When Alex is diagnosed with a devastating disease, her role is changed from caregiver to patient and she prepares for the fight of her life.

Frank Greco has developed intense feelings for Alex, but wonders if she has it in her to take care of another woman she loves who has become sick. However, she sees this as an opportunity to do things differently this time around.

Will Alex and Frank be able to overcome Alex’s illness, and their own demons, to embrace love?

My Review

This was a tough one to review because I have mixed emotions about the book. The story follows Alex Taylor from the Authors first book ‘New Beginnings’ which I loved. So when I heard Alex had her own story I was really excited.

Alex meets Srgt Frank Greco when she’s pulled over for talking on her phone while driving. Straight after they meet they both turn up to mutual friends apartment for a party. Attraction is instant even though Alex plays hard to get. Unfortunately just as their romance is taking off Alex is diagnosed with Cancer. Can Frank stand by her when she’s just beginning to fall for her? Especially when she has lost a love one before to the same disease?

Honestly I loved this book for the first half and then it began to take a turn. Don’t get me wrong the writing is great and a fantastic topic to tackle, which I feel make the Author incredibly brave, but the characters started to get a little flat and the story was very slow for second half. The subject matter didn’t help with the characters because Alex’s personality changed during the treatment and I began not enjoy her in the book and I especially didn’t like how she treated Frank. I get that this is a symptom of some horrible disease but for me it felt a little too sad and the story lost momentum. That being said as we approached the end the story-line picked up again we got to see some really incredible strength from both protagonists and the ending was done extremely well.

3.5 stars.

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