Girls on Campus Edited by Sandy Lowe & Stacia Seaman

Hot! Hot! Hot!


College: four years when anything goes and rules are made to be broken. A time for freedom, experimentation, and guiltless pleasures. Come join the co-eds for a homecoming bash, crash a girls-only party, and enjoy study hall where the topic is Eros. From roommates with benefits to sexy sorority initiations, hot professors demanding extra credit after class and summer vacation threesomes, this collection is required reading for anyone looking to earn an A in sex-ed.


My Review

Great collection of short stories all based around College students and some very naughty professors. I really enjoyed this collection and read a new story (Sometimes two) between novels i’m reading over the past few weeks.

Three particular stories I went back to more than once was ‘Extra Credit’ by Fiona Riley, ‘Final Exam’ by Meghan O’Brien and ‘In the Stacks’ by Aurora Rey. All three stories left me captivated, and wanting more from the characters… They also left me feeling little hot under the collar.

I can’t fault this collection of short stories and was intrigued by some Authors I haven’t read anything from before but will now.

5 Stars


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