Miss Match by Fiona Riley

A romance that ticks all my boxes…

Author Synopsis

When Samantha Monteiro launched Perfect Match, Inc. a few years ago, she never imagined her matchmaking business would be booming while her own love life floundered. When her business partner drags her out of hiding to attend the wedding of one of their successful client matches, she meets a dancer with a dark past and a penchant for secrecy who excites her in a way she hadn’t thought possible. Samantha wonders if Lucinda Moss is the key to solving not one but two matches that have eluded Samantha since everything around her fell apart or if she is destined to find love for everyone but herself.

In a world where nothing is constant, Lucinda has learned to keep herself emotionally at arm’s length and given up on the chance to find true happiness. Can the notorious Miss Match help her forget her troubled past?

My Review

Samantha Monteiro Co-owns a Match Making company with her best friend. The unfortunate truth is that Samantha has love life is not much to be desired and that’s not good advertising for someone trading where love is the currency. When she meets Lucinda Moss, a Executive by day and Dance Teacher by night, sparks fly but Lucinda is used to keeping any romantic connections at a distance… but something about Samantha makes Lucinda want to forget her rules…

I was shocked to find out this was Fiona Riley’s debut novel. It was written extremely well and I loved the storyline.

I was invested in this story very quickly; actually more specifically from the moment Lucinda and Samantha met at Connie’s wedding I knew this was my kind of book. The characters where well thought out and even the secondary characters left an impacted especially Samantha’s best friend Andrew. The sex scenes where fantastic and ticked all my boxes. The sex scene in Lucinda’s office… phew… Still reliving that in my minds eye.

The storyline wasn’t strung on too long and I felt like I got to know characters well and was given better insight into their relationship instead of them just getting together on the last chapter. I actually prefer to watch a relationship unfold after they find love in romance novels as you are able to know that the happily ever after is forever.

I just read that there will be a sequel to this book, which made me extremely happy… Watch out for ‘Unlikley Match’ available in Spring 2017.

5 stars and ‘Miss Match’ will definitely moves straight into my favourites category. Can’t wait to see what’s next from Fiona Riley.

Quote of the Book:

 It surprised her to feel so strongly about something or someone. She wanted more than great sex and occasional dates with Lucinda. She wanted imperfect, quiet moments. Lots of them.

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