Capturing Jessica by Jane Hardee

Debut Novel from Jane Hardee 


Michael, an up-and-coming hyperrealist sculptor from Atlanta, Georgia, is about to get her big break. An expert at carving the female form, she owes much of her success to her muse, best friend, Jess. Michael has been in love with Jess for years but treasures their friendship too much to risk it for uncertain romance. Jess, a special education teacher, values Michael’s friendship above everything else in her life. Can one passionate kiss change everything she thought she felt about Michael? Can Michael make the choice between a dear, lifelong friendship and capturing Jessica?


My Review

Michael has been in love with Jessica most of her life. They have been best friends since school but Michael keeps her feelings hidden from Jessica as she is scared to loose their friendship. Jessica doesn’t know she has a underlying romantic love for Michael until she kisses her and then she can’t get her feelings for Michael out of her head. Both Jessica and Michael are scared to loose each other if they explore their love with one another…

This is Jane Hardee’s debut novel and for a first novel it was written very well. It was written from both Jessica and Michael point of view, which gave more insight into their feelings from both perspectives.

I got frustrated with how long the main protagonists miscommunicated their feelings… I almost shouted at my Kindle more than once “JUST TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL!!!!”… I liked both Michael and Jessica’s personalities and thought the character development was handled well however I think the storyline could have been covered in the first half of the book and the second half could have looked at more of how they both managed forming a romantic relationship after being best friends for most of their lives.

I really enjoyed the moments that the author used memories of Michael and Jessica’s childhood to show how deep and long they love each other. The erotic scenes were written extremely well and depicted not only the sexual connection between them but also a loving and all encompassing connection that was trusting and deeply emotional.

All in all it was a good first novel by Jane Hardee. I’ll definitely be looking out for what comes next.

3.5 Stars.

Capturing Jessica will be released on 1st December 2016.

Quote of the Book:

“Sometimes I feel like I must be missing something. I mean, there have been some women to show interest in me…but not for long. Morgan and Stevie both have overflowing dance cards. And of course, Camille.” Jess splayed her hands over the surface of the water and observed the ripples flow and disappear. Michael felt angry at the thought of anyone making Jess feel anything less than perfect. Her mind flashed back to the creep with the fake Southern drawl who’d hit on Jess at Nine’s. What had she wanted from Jess? A night in bed and a good-bye in the morning? “Jess…you…I mean you have so much to offer. You’re smart and fun. Unique, compassionate. And you’re terribly sexy,” Michael said, trying not to sound breathless. Why the hell did she say that?


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