Best Laid Plans by Jan Gayle

Best Laid Plans

Authors Synopsis

Nicole James is a hard-working single mother who has dedicated her life to raising her son and providing a safe, loving home for him. Austin is a senior in high school now , and for the first time, Nicky is allowing some time for herself. When she meets Lauren Thomas, an architect at the firm where they work, they both fall deeply in love. Lauren is smart and charming and wonderful; she fits perfectly into Nicky’s family, which includes close friends who have stood beside her. But Nicky’s troubled past and Lauren’s societal fears present seemingly insurmountable challenges.

My Review

Lauren and Nicky are made for each other. They compliment each other perfectly the only problem is they both have major fears holding them back. Lauren is still in the closet and Nicky’s horrid past has came back to disrupt her and her son Austin’s life’s again. These fears could ruin their new relationship…. But they love each other…. And love conquers all right?

I enjoyed this book and was absorbed from the first chapter. I thought the character development was good, I understood the angst between Lauren and Nicky especially when it came to Lauren still being in the closet. However the ending let me down greatly! I wanted more of the story and felt a bit cheated by the end. Especially when I could have continued it in my head a handful different ways. I am really hoping that the author decides to write a novella or a sequel to finish Nicky and Lauren story…

3.5 Stars

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