Fifty Shades of Pink by Jourdyn Kelly

Fifty Shades of Pink is a Novelette… Some books are supposed to be novels.

Author Synopsis

BDSM was never my scene. I’ve always thought I was too strong to be dominated. Authority and I never did get along. So, when I was dragged to a special kind of club for my best friend’s bachelorette party the last thing I expected to do was surrender myself completely.

I wasn’t going to participate. Then I was summoned to the “Pink Room”. Her room. As I watched her walk away from me, I realized I had no choice but to follow. I was already hooked.

She demanded I call her Mistress.
I demanded she take off her mask.
We were both changed that night

My Review

I actually really loved this Novelette by Jourdyn Kelly. My only criticism would be that the novel was just not long enough. The story was a great concept and i think i would have loved to see the characters developed more and see where the relationship could really go. That all being said i still think it is a really enjoyable plot and i really liked the characters. Didn’t really like the name of the book but hey thats never stopped me reading something before. I think the way the author wrote about the BDSM was clever and anyone could read this even if you don’t normally enjoy books that are erotic BDSM lesfic.

All in all it made my rainy afternoon not so gloomy.

4.5 Stars.


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