Swelter by D. Jackson Leigh

Author Synopsis

After her affair with a married senator makes prime time news, congressional aide Teal Giovanni is fleeing her shattered life.

Betrayed by the lover who was her partner in a successful law practice, August Reese is waiting at a small cattle ranch to testify against a drug kingpin.

Attraction sparks when Teal’s aging Honda blows its engine and she and August meet on a steamy Texas blacktop. But as the spark bursts into flame, their worst nightmare comes calling. Will they survive or swelter as the heat becomes unbearable?


My Review

Both August and Teal have been left with nothing after their significant others break their hearts and ruin their careers. When August pulls in to help a stranded traveller, she never thought she’d meet the woman of her dreams. Both woman are on the run from their lives and their broken heart’s. August is running her late grandfathers ranch while hiding from her life as a criminal defense lawyer in Dallas. Teal has the paparazzi after a story about her affair with a Washington senator. Teal has no where to go and August gives her room and board in turn for working on the ranch… But then sparks begin to fly between them.

I was really enjoying the book until about 75% of the way through. When the life August has been hiding from finally catches up her at the ranch I felt the story went in another direction for too long before it came back to being about the love story again. The subplots where the main things holding it back in my opinion. More so August’s former life and i think it was too much to have both woman running from something, it complicated things more than it had to be.

I enjoyed the love story between Teal and August, especially the love seen after the bar fight. They seem to be of similar upbringing and have been on the same life path until they meet. In other words they where meant for one another and it really shows in the conversations they have and the love they build.

I would like to have known more about what happened to August’s Ex, Christine and Lauren, the Senator from Washington that Teal was having the affair with. They are only ever mentioned a few times but you don’t have anything concrete about what happened to them by the end.

All in all not a bad book per say but i definitely lost my momentum a few times while reading it. I think i’ll need to check out some of D. Jackson Leigh’s other novels.

3 Stars.

Swelter will be released on 1st of December on the Bold Strokes Book Website. Link Below

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