Fenced-In Felix by Cheyenne Blue

Third book in the “Girl Meets Girl” Series


Authors Synopsis

Felix Jameson is working hard to get her outback hospitality business off the ground. Building cabins, leading trail rides and enticing tourists means she hasn’t much time for distractions—and that includes romance. But when she meets Josie, a drifter who picks up casual work as she goes, Felix is intrigued and attracted. Josie asks Felix to board her horse, Flame, and Felix is delighted. Not only can she use the extra money, but it means she will see a lot more of Josie. Felix finds Josie fits in well into her life, and for the solitary Felix there’s finally the possibility of romance. But there’s something suspicious about Flame, who bears an uncanny resemblance to a valuable stolen racehorse. Felix knows she is falling hard for Josie, but is Josie all she seems, or is she mixed up in shady dealings?

The third book in the “Girl Meets Girl” series — standalone novels with interconnecting characters


My Review

We got to know a little bit about Felix in the last “Girl Meets Girl” book in the series but to recap… Felix owns a outback ranch where she provides her guest with various accommodation options and also leads Horse Trails to give her guest the whole “Outback Experience”. Josie is blowing through town; she’s the ultimate transient and is working in the Pub in next town to make some money before she heads off again. Josie has a horse in South Australia that needs a home and she convinces Felix to take on her thoroughbred. As time goes by both Felix and Josie develop feelings for one another but Felix sense’s something isn’t right with the story Josie has been feeding her about her horse, Flame. Can you really start a relationship when you think its based on a lie?

Fenced-In Felix is the third book in the “Girl Meets Girl” series by Cheyenne Blue. The author clearly writes with ease because the story line doesn’t drag at any point and her descriptions of characters and their surrounds is flawless. I am living in Australia at the moment and have to say Cheyenne paints a pretty yet very accurate picture of the towns and cities down under. I almost feel myself being pulled into the story more because it feel more realistic.

I liked both of the main protagonists and really enjoyed the main characters from the pervious books making an appearance. I still love Sue and Moni from Not-So-Straight Sue (Book 2)… they just make me smile. I was left wanting more from Felix in the last novel so I was delighted when this landed on my kindle and I wasn’t disappointed. Felix is strong and honest but she’s also reserved and likes her space and you begin to see her second-guessing her feelings for Josie and her vulnerability comes out and that’s when she really shines. I took a while to warm up to Josie, with her flirtatious nature she almost overpowers Felix in few flirtatious conversations but as I read on I discovered that it was actually part of he charm and by then i was rooting for the couple to make it.

I really hope this series doesn’t end her because there is so many avenues Cheyenne could take the next story along with some already delightful secondary characters. Maybe the Aussie foursome could head back to the US for Moni and Sue’s wedding? I’m sure Nora and Ger would be there too.

On another note i would love to know if Felix’s Ranch is an actual place in Queensland? I’d be booking my next trip straight away…

Great Novel. 4.5 Stars.

Quote of the Book:

There was enough of a smile in her voice that I couldn’t tell how serious she was. But the thought that she wanted to fit in with me was heartwarming. Was I falling for Josie? I knew that I was. But was I falling for her enough to ask her to stay, with all that entailed? Whoa, Felix, I thought. Whoa girl. Just because she’s the first single lesbian who’s come your way for a long time, doesn’t mean you should be booking her a U-Haul. Or a horse float.


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