Infinite Loop by Meghan O’Brien

You’d never know this was a debut novel. 

Author Synopsis

Regan O’Riley has just about given up hope that she will ever find a woman into shy, geeky programmers. She yearns for a connection, but can’t seem to make the first move. Mel Raines knows all about making moves. After a childhood under the thumb of her alcoholic father, she avoids intimacy by drowning herself in fiery, fleeting encounters with strangers.

When Regan and Mel meet in a straight bar, of all places, their chemistry is unmistakable. Before they can begin to explore their new relationship, Mel’s world is rocked when a close friend is a victim in a shooting. Regan suggests they take a road trip to escape reality for a little while, and Mel is only too ready to shake things up. Together they embark upon a physical and emotional journey where they discover that breaking free of old habits may be the only way to change your life.


My Review

This is a love story from start to finish. The connection between Mel and Regan is what makes good romance novels great.

Regan is my ideal girl and if I didn’t know better I’d think Meghan O’Brien had just described my wife’s personality… It’s actually rather uncanny. Regan is Shy, Geeky, honest and by O’Brien’s description Gorgeous. Regan’s collection of t-shirts made me love her all the more, especially her Atari one… I have actually just Googled to see if I can buy one online!

Mel has been through a lot and basically can’t understand why Regan want to be with her throughout the book. It actually very endearing how much she wants to be best person she can be so she can be deserving of Regan’s affections. Mel’s vulnerability comes through firstly when her Partner is shot and then during a rather hot sex scene with Regan. In both these scenes i felt a deeper connection to Mel and had a better understanding of her insecurities.

At first I was a little unsure about both characters going on this impromptu road trip but as I continued to read I realised that the trip was actually a journey of the heart and to heal from the past and start a fresh together. Both Regan and Mel where estranged from their families and had self doubt due to old wounds with their parents. Together they confronted issues, worked through old wounds and it made them stronger as a couple. The sex scenes (not to sound like a broken record) where erotic and sensual, everything I’ve come to expect from Meghan O’Brien.

You’d never know this was a debut novel. 4 Stars.

Quote of the Book

“All my life, I’ve felt so different from everyone else, so separate. I felt like nobody ever really knew me and like nobody ever would. I feel safe letting you really know me.”

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