Without Justice by Carsen Taite

This is the first novel by Carsen Taite I’ve read and I was blown away.

Author Synopsis

Cade Kelly’s life revolved around her legal career until the day she testified against the largest crime family in Chicago. Now in witness protection, she’s working hard to adjust to a life devoid of the things she used to be passionate about. When she meets the smart and beautiful Emily Sinclair, Cade feels hopeful about her new life, but she learns no matter who she pretends to be, she can’t deny the pull of her past.

Emily Sinclair is settling into her role as district attorney and she’s ready to find a love interest to share in her success. Cade Kelly captivates her from the moment they meet, but she discovers that despite their undeniable attraction, Cade will challenge her at every turn. What will happen when Emily learns Cade isn’t who she thought she was, and worse, when they wind up on opposite sides in Emily’s first big case?


My Review

Cade Kelly is in Witness Protection and has been relocated to a small town in Texas with a new name and a job, as a librarian. In her past life Cade was a Lawyer in Chicago who was prosecuting against a well know Mob Family, the Oliveri’s . The Oliveri’s sent their top hitman to kill her and she escapes with a bullet wound and new identity. When she literally bumps into the gorgeous Emily who has just recently become the DA for her county sparks immediately fly. Emily is the one person Cade shouldn’t become involve with but she can’t seem to help herself. Emily is looking for more than just her career and Cade could be the answer to her relationship goal plus she can’t get this woman out of her head but she knows that Cade has a secret and she doesn’t feel secure in falling completely until she know what that is…

I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked from the first chapter and I don’t normally go in for legal drama when it come to my romances but this had gotten such good reviews I thought why not and I am so glad I did.

Firstly the characters were written extremely well. The chemistry between Cade and Emily leaks off the page until your actually wondering if they are real people. As much as Cade is trying to veer away from any personal subjects when with Emily, it’s very clear that from the beginning Emily is attuned to Cade in some way. Even when Cade is trying to be casual Emily is picking up on something beneath the surface… And I don’t think it has to do with her being a lawyer, it’s almost like they are soul mates and the connection is greater than they both understand. Lastly the sexual tension between these two was amazing, I could almost feel it radiating of the page.

The story is so well written that I started this last night and I am just finished it this morning. I began to be really invested into the story but also I needed to know more about the investigation into the murder in this small town that felt like it was so much more than just a regular murder. The legal jargon was not as full on as I expected and that was a welcomed surprised. Carsen Taite was able to keep me interested the entire book which in the past with some other authors I struggle with when the detail become to great and I get little bored and sometimes confused. The last 15% of the book my heart was racing and i was so caught up in the story i couldn’t read fast enough and the ending was just what i wanted from the moment i finished the first chapter.

All in all a fantastic novel that has given me the bug to journey onto more of Taite works. I might even have to start with her first novel and work my way through.

Unequivocally 5 Stars…

No ‘Quote of the Book’ of the book for this review… all the good ones would give to much away and we can’t have that can we!


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