12 Days of Lesfic for 2016

My top 12 Lesbian Romance Novels for 2016

On the first day of Christmas Mrs Claus gave to me… Okay i won’t write the whole rhyme but have a look at would should be on your Christmas Letter to Santa

  1. Life in Death by M. Ullrich
  2. First Position by Melissa Brayden
  3. Lysistrata Cove by Dena Hankins
  4. Far from the World We Know by Harper Bliss
  5. Cash Braddock by Ashley Bartlett
  6. Miss Match by Fiona Riley
  7. Built to Last by Aurora Rey
  8. Serious Potential by Maggie Cummings
  9. Without Justice by Carsen Taite
  10. Poppy Jenkins By Claire Ashton
  11. Heart Trouble by Jae
  12. Embracing the Dawn by Jeannie Levig

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Book of the Year:

Life in Death by M. Ullrich

Something happened when I read this book and I’m still not one hundred percent sure what that was. I never actually wanted to read it, the subject of a child dying was a little to close to home as I had recently became a Mum and my son doesn’t always keep very well. But I loved M. Ullrich debut novel Fortunate Sum so I submitted my request to NetGallery and then it appeared in my kindle. My socks were well and truely knocked off. It took me days to come back to reality. I would be standing in the shower or lying in bed thinking about the characters like I knew them, like we were friends and nervously like this could be my life… That was the scariest part!

It has changed my outlook on a lot of things especially my family. I am extremely lucky, my gorgeous Son is healthier than ever and my wife tells me she loves me everyday… So I now believe that positivity is contagious and I have given myself a challenge to be more positive, more present and have lots more fun… Life is to short.

I can’t urge you enough to go out and buy this book. Don’t get me wrong, it will take you on an emotional roller coaster but afterwards you will see how import life is.


Merry Christmas