Something in the Wine by Jae (2nd Edition)

Jae is fast becoming one of my favourite Authors.

 Author Synopsis

All her life, Annie suffered through her brother’s constant practical jokes. Now he sets her up on a blind date with Drew, a lesbian winemaker, even knowing his sister is straight. Annie and Drew decide to turn the tables on him by pretending to fall in love. But what starts as a revenge plan soon turns their lives upside down as the lines between pretending and reality begin to blur.

My Review

I have only read one of Jae’s books prior to this one and Heart Trouble started the addiction. I hadn’t realized that this was a second edition until I had finished it but can’t imagine there being much wrong with the first edition because Jae writes so beautifully and has a lovely way with words.

Annie has grown up being the butt of her brother’s practical jokes and the most recent is when he sets her up on a date with his lesbian friend the only problem is that Annie is Straight and he knows it. When Drew see’s Annie for the first time she is instantly attracted to her and when her friend (Annie’s Brother) suggests a date she is over the moon… When they two women decide to trick him by pretending that they have fallen in love they never expect to develop deep feeling for each other. Is this Practical Joke worth a broken heart?

I felt immersed in the story from the beginning and finished the novel in one sitting. Just like in Heart Trouble I felt like I knew the characters, their emotions where realistic and well thought out. The romance between Drew and Annie is slow burning and then it just combusts near the end and I was totally taken aback by the honesty between these two woman. I fell head over heals for Drew. She strong, sexy, honest and she own a winery… Hot! All big ticks in my book…

I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone but the book has the sequel novelette attached called Seduction for Beginners. I would have been really upset if I had gotten to the end of the book and there was no sequel or epilogue. Seduction for Beginners rounded everything up nicely although I would love to know more about this couple… there is so much room for more. They are the epitome of a perfect couple and they complement each other beautifully and I am interested in their life ever after… Kids? House? Winery? Otherwise what about a sequel with a story about Lynn… What I’m saying is I’m not ready for this to be over!

Jae is slowly becoming one of my favourite authors and I am about literally about to start Under a Falling Star, which I am really excited about.

4.5 Stars for Something in the Wine.

Quote of the Book:

*No quote for the review as i feel that all the great ones would give to much away and i try not to give spoilers when possible.

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