Run to You by Georgia Beers


Second novel in the Puppy Love Romance Series

Author Synopsis

Welcome to Junebug Farms, a successful, well-known animal shelter in upstate New York, where every day brings something new—love, stress, heartbreak, warmth—and not just from the animals.

Catherine Gardner knows what it means to work hard. Growing up with little, it’s pretty much all she’s done for most of her life. As the bookkeeper for Junebug Farms, she handles the money. When Catherine finds herself undeniably attracted to Emily Breckenridge, daughter of the shelter’s largest donor, it doesn’t sit well with her. At all.

Emily Breckenridge has spent her life in the shadows of both her family’s money and her brother Clark. But when the reins of the family’s charity foundation are taken from Clark and handed to Emily, it’s her chance to shine on her own. Everything about Catherine Gardner is unexpected, from her emotional reserve to the crazy magnetic pull she has…one Emily can’t seem to fight…

My Review

Run to You is a great second novel in the Puppy Love Romance Series by Georgia Beers. It was written extremely well, pace was perfect and had all the lovely twists and turns that I love for all Beer’s novels.

Firstly I actually loved the main protagonists in this novel more I did than the first and that surprised me because I fell pretty hard in Rescued Heart. Emily Breckenridge has been asked to take over the running of her families’ foundation when her brother Clark has shamed the family yet again with his indiscretions and obnoxious behavior. Emily is excited to show her skills and is all business until she meets the accountant for Junebug Farm because she’s instantly attracted to Catherine. Catherine has grown up working for everything she needs, sometimes having up to 3 jobs o support herself. When she meets the very sexy and very rich Emily Breckenridge she is captivated but she knows to stay away because it could cost her more than her job but the alluring Emily just keeps on knocking her walls down and making her fall deeper with every moment spent together.

For a start I love in these novels that Georgia Beers has really honed in on the idea of having one character flawed and almost at times slightly broken and then in a clever move she pairs them with someone almost with a ‘Night in Shinning Armor’ quality. They break down walls; don’t walk away when the relationship is tough or too hard. It makes for more of a fairytale romance in a real life way! It really makes for good reading. I liked in Emily and Catherine’s relationship that from the beginning you could feel the sexual tension radiate of the page when they are together. And is it just me or can Georgia Beers write the most intense first kisses? Actually all the kisses are intense. I mean being the big fan I am I can tell you off the top of my head that the first kiss in Rescued Heart, A Little Bit of Spice, Starting from Scratch and now this novel are my favorite in all my Lesfic books. They are so well written that my head can’t fathom how the characters are actually able to stop at just a kiss because it’s so steamy… But hey I think the first kisses tell you a lot about your potential partner, in books and real life to.

Great second book and I expect great things from the next books. I am now scared that Dare to Stay might be the last in the series…

5 stars.


Quote of the Book:

God, Catherine didn’t know what the hell kind of power Emily had, but she had it in spades and Catherine couldn’t seem to break free of its spell no matter how hard she tried. Which wasn’t hard at all, really, because this was the best kiss she’d ever had. Even better than the last one… and that was one for the books. But this one? Surpassed it. By far.



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