Dare to Stay by Georgia Beers

Third novel in the Puppy Love Romance Series

Author Synopsis

Welcome to Junebug Farms, a successful, well-known animal shelter in upstate New York, where every day brings something new—love, stress, heartbreak, warmth—and not just from the animals.

Since inheriting Junebug Farms from her grandmother, Jessica Barstow’s life revolves around it, and she has no time or energy for much else. Not hobbies. Not fun. Not love—certainly not love. And the new, young, and hip TV reporter who’s been sent to host the upcoming fundraising telethon isn’t going to change that—even though it seems like she wants to change everything else.

Sydney Taylor has zero desire to cover human interest stories in some Podunk, upstate New York hamlet, but that’s where she’s landed—for now. So she’ll make the best of it until she can get something bigger. In the meantime, she is assigned to host the annual live fundraising telethon for some local animal shelter. It’s just a job; she doesn’t have time to get attached. And it doesn’t matter that the rigid, keeps-to-herself CEO of the shelter is resistant to anything Sydney suggests. Or that she’s super attractive and sexy. That doesn’t matter at all…

The third in the Puppy Love Romances by award-winning author Georgia Beers.


My Review

Jessica had been running Junebug farms since inheriting it from her Grandmother, she loves her job and it comes first in her life. When she meets the news reporter that is covering the Junebug telethon she feels flustered and a little on edge. Sydney has been climbing the news-reporting ladder since she left college. She has a new job, in a new city and a telethon to cover but she never expected for sparks to fly with Jessica, the CEO of Junebug especially when Jessica clearly doesn’t like her.

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as Run to You however it’s still a Georgia Beers book and as usual hit all the right notes. I have never been disappointed by any of Georgia Beers’s book she simply rocks at romance.

I really enjoyed Jessica character especially her friendship with Catherine. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get more from the characters from the first two books but I am hoping this isn’t the end and all three couples with be in the fourth book… please tell there’s a fourth book! Sydney and Jessica relationship was a joy to read. They complemented each other perfectly and once again their first kiss sent sparks flying off the page.

I really hope this isn’t the end… 4.5 Stars.

Quote of the Book:

*No quote for the review as i feel that all the great ones would give to much away and i try not to give spoilers when possible.

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