Love on the Red Rocks by Lisa Moreau


Debut Novel from Lisa Moreau

Author Synopsis 

Lesbian Romance — Throw a handful of women together at a lesbian resort and things can get complicated.

Malley plans to profess her secret love for Lizzie, her best friend. Lizzie is trying to get away from her ex, who incidentally tracks her down. Jessie, Malley’s dangerously sexy next-door neighbor, shows up unexpectedly. Circumstances throw Malley and Jessie together, disrupting Malley’s plans to be with Lizzie. Toss in forbidden desires, an unexpected love, and Malley soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle.

Amidst the spiritual red rocks of Sedona, Malley embarks upon an unexpected journey, causing her to question her desires and face her greatest fears. Will Malley choose to play it safe in life and love or will she shatter her comfort zone and take a chance on true happiness?

My Review

When I read this book I had no idea it was a debut novel because it was written so well. The characters were well fleshed out and the author gave good background knowledge on even the secondary characters. It written from Malley’s point of view and this is probably my only negative so I am going to get it out now so I can show the love in the rest of my review. Okay so I really enjoy having the POV of both main protagonists because I feel like I am getting half the story. This was extremely evident for me in this book. I wanted to know more about Jessie’s feelings and as much as Moreau did give enough to understand her feeling for Malley,  I still felt like there could have been more if we could read her thoughts.

Ok apart from that I loved the book. The story had me hooked from chapter one. Malley thinks she in love with her best friend Lizzie and whisks her away to a lesbian retreat. Lizzie is just out of a relationship but Malley thinks this is a prime opportunity to reveal her feeling but is Lizzie really over her Ex? When Jessie, Malley’s sexy neighbor shows up at the retreat she is shocked that she is rooming with her when she came with Lizzie but slowly they build a friendship. Jessie is gorgeous, honest, and is perfect girlfriend material except for one major detail… she’s a cop. Malley can’t date anyone that’s a cop but when her feelings for Jessie begin to develop into more can she forget her only reservation when it comes to relationships…

Could this couple be anymore made for one another… I think not because Malley and Jessie’s chemistry radiated of the page. Jessie was my favourite character. She is just such a good person and has all the sexy attributes that add to her incredible personality. I don’t want to give to much away but Jessie is a sexy Cop that writes poetry… and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The love triangle between Malley, Jessie and Lizzie was fun to watch unravel but I was cheering for Jessie from the moment we met her and I was hoping Lizzie didn’t stand a chance with Malley. The secondary characters help to build the story and add a level of humor to certain chapters. The spiritual aspect of the book added a nice element that I actually really enjoyed but I do like authors that give a little more of out the box thinking. The sex scenes are hot especially when Malley comes out her shell a little (excuse the pun).

All in all the book ticked all the major boxes. I will definitely checking out what comes next from Lisa Moreau. 4 Stars.

Quote of the Novel:

“It hurts me to see you cry, but when you do, your eyes look like crystal-clear blue lakes. I could just…drown in them. Did I already say that? I need to…”

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