All I Want for Christmas by Clare Lydon

First book in the All I Want series …

Authors Synopsis

This Christmas, Tori Hammond is on a mission to find love.

Her ideal present under the tree would be a shiny new girlfriend, so Tori gives herself one month to find that special lady by December 25th. Christmas spells romance and she’s going to grab some.

Love Christmas? Love romantic comedies? Then you need to read All I Want For Christmas and prepare to be swept off your festive feet! From the author of international smash-hits London Calling and This London Love, Clare Lydon has crafted another page-turner, bursting with seasonal attitude & wit. Buy it now and get your Christmas on!


My Review

I adored this book. I love Christmas and this book was a perfect way to get me in the mood, I even had my Christmas playlist playing in the background whilst reading… perfection personified. The writing was tight and very descriptive in the parts it was needed, which help with imagining the characters better. The book is written in first person point of view and if you read my reviews often you will know this is not my preferred writing style but with this book it works perfectly. All the characters had their key moments to shine that gave enough insight into their personality that a second POV wasn’t required.

The humour floored me, possibly because it was good old British humour and I do adore a good bit of British banter in a book. This book is the first in the All I Want Series (Click the link to check it out) and I can tell you right now that January is going to be filled with the Clare Lydon Series. There are currently five books published in the series but from what I’ve read, a 6th book is to be released early 2017.

This is definitely my No.1 Christmas book and I will be pulling it out again next December. I think this would be a great book to start on Christmas Eve…

5 Festive Stars and Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Quote of the Book:

This is how i knew this book was definitely my kind of book, this quote is the very first paragraph in the first chapter…

“You know, I don’t want a lot for Christmas.” That was me, Tori Hammond saying that. Lover of all things Christmas and festive. Even I couldn’t believe the words were coming from my mouth, but they were definitely mine. “Thank you, Mariah.” That was my best friend Holly replying.

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