It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon


A Christmas Gem…

Authors Synopsis

When Georgia meets Milly, she knows she could be a game-changer. But then she meets her mother, and all hell breaks loose.

My Review

Not only is a great novella with a Christmas theme but it’s free on Clare Lydon Website.

This story is sweet, seductive and I read it in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. My only wish is that it was a full book… it certainly has the back story for it. It’s a great little book to finish you Christmas Holidays… Don’t miss out on this little gem.

Did I mention it was free? Check out Clare Lydon Website below and if you subscribe there a few secret chapters to her other books to… i know, it make you feel like your part of a secret club!

It Had To Be You by Clare Lydon


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