Chasing A Brighter Blue by Gerri Hill

This book was on Les Rêveur Top 5 Lesbian Christmas Novels

Author Synopsis

A Christmas wedding in Colorado? A two-week celebration for family and friends? Who does that?

Photojournalist Reagan Bryant is haunted by the tragedy that ended her last assignment in Afghanistan. She’s searching for some peace, something to end her guilt and chase away her trauma. Two weeks at a resort hotel, owned by her future sister-in-law’s father, seems like the perfect antidote for her blue mood.

Shelby Sutton doesn’t trust women. Her father’s money seems more on their minds than she ever is. But at her sister’s request she vows to make friends with the withdrawn Reagan, a woman whose sad and haunted eyes intrigue her. Can she help Reagan heal and ease her pain…perhaps chase away the blue?

My Review

Before I start this review I just want to say that Gerri Hill is one of my favourite Lesbian Fiction Authors. There hasn’t been a book I’ve read as of yet that hasn’t left me wanting more from this author. I fell onto this book purely by chance, I had just finished Love Waits and wanted more from Gerri Hill… who knew I would love this just as much.

The book is based around a family wedding taking place in a resort in Colorado over the Christmas period. Reagan is home from Afghanistan where she was working as a photojournalist and is in Colorado to attend her brothers wedding. She didn’t realise that on the first night at the resort, when flirting with a woman at the bar that 1. her family own the resort she’s staying at and 2. she’s the sister of the woman her brother is about to marry. Shelby is wary of women especially ones that she’s been set up with, as she’s always worrying that they are interested in her money more than in her. When Reagan propositions Shelby when they first meet, Shelby wants to throw caution to the wind and say yes… but why is this woman any different.

I absolutely fell in love with this story, especially the characters. Normally I prefer one protagonist to the other but in this book I was drawn to both womens personalities and knew from the beginning that there had to be a happy ever after… there just had to be.

Reagan’s confidence when she first approaches Shelby in the hotel bar is incredibly sexy, that is, until she realises who Shelby is. At that moment I realised this was definitely going to be a book for me and by the way, that little scene was in chapter one.

But its Gerri Hill, of course she’s going to blow me away. It was probably one of my favourite scenes in the whole book.

Gerri hill has a way to make sex scenes more intimate and full of hope and love. When Shelby and Regan are intimate for the first time they don’t have sex, they make love… it’s almost to difficult to explain… so maybe just read it? You won’t be sorry!

This book is oozing with Christmas fun and ultimately true love… Its truely worth a read especially at this time of year.

5 stars.

Quote of the Book:

“To me you are. Your eyes have been clear today, not shadowed. Not until I asked that one simple question,” Shelby said. “So answer it.”


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