Night Voice by C.F Frizzell


Author Synopsis

For lesbians in Provincetown, seductive Sable is more than just a bedroom voice on late-night radio. Through her talk show, Nightlight, she is a fun, anonymous friend and confidante, until one mysterious caller attracts her attention. Behind Sable’s “mask,” Murphy Callahan allows herself to enjoy the no-strings radio relationship—she’s mourned the death of her partner for three years—and ignores the growing attachment as their very public conversations push permissible limits.

But when local tradeswoman Riley Burke enters her life, Murphy faces a difficult choice: continue the safe, “night voice” fantasy or risk the reality of falling in love. If only she could have both…


My Review

This is the first book I’ve read by C.F. Frizzell and i liked the book a lot. The book itself was written proficiently and the protagonists where fleshed out extremely well and  I was drawn to both main characters for the beginning.

Murphy is living her life under two personas, One is Murphy who has lost her partner three ears ago to cancer and she is struggling to let go and her second identify is Sabel, who is the DJ on the Local Radio in Provincetown for a show called Nightlight. Murphy is reserved and isolated where Sabel is a sexy seductress over the airwaves with a multitude of fans… including one such tradeswoman, Riley.

I’ll be honest first 25% of this novel is slow or it was for me however I urge you to keep with it because its worth it and I now understand the pacing up until that point. The Story was inspired and I enjoyed the Murphy’s different personas although at times I thought that Riley being the smart woman she was would have figured it out the woman behind the mystery. Riley was my favourite of both the characters,  because she was so genuine and honest, her cheesy one liners even got me swooning a few times. The sex scenes in the book where written well and had me griped on each intimate moment and portrayed a profusion of feelings for both woman.

My only major grievance with the book would be the ending. I felt there needed to be a epilogue or a extra chapter, as everything was going at a reasonable pace and then we where finished and as much as I love a happy ever after I also would have like to have caught a glimpse into how it worked out…

All in all a good novel and one I would definitely recommend and read again.

4 Stars


Quote of the Book:

“Don’t look away, Murphy. Don’t close your eyes.” Riley turned to the last throes of sunset. “All these colors are for you.”


I received my copy of Night Voice by NetGallery Bold Stokes Books for a honest review.

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