The Butterfly Whisperer by Lisa Moreau

Some soul mates can never be forgotten.

Author Synopsis

Jordan was in love with her best friend, Sophie, in high school and no one knew… least of all Sophie. After fleeing without a trace before graduation, Jordan vowed never to return to Monarch, the butterfly obsessed town along the Central California coast.

Ten years later, Jordan owns a successful soul mate matchmaking company where she finds love for others, but has little use for it herself. Sophie runs the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and has yet to forgive Jordan for disappearing from her life. When Jordan is forced to return to Monarch, will their soul mate connection deepen or will differing goals tear them apart?


My Review

This was a beautifully written novel by Lisa Moreau that tells the story of unrequited childhood love for both women, having never truly knowing the love they felt for one another.

Jordan knows when she meets Sophie in high school, that she is her first love but also believes that Sophie will never truly love her the same way. After her Jordan’s father finds her diary with her feelings scribbled through it, he banishes her to live with her mother in another city. The scared young girl leaves without telling Sophie how she really feels, never knowing that the feelings are very mutual. When Jordan returns to deal with her family business years later, she doesn’t expect to bump into the beautiful woman she finds that she still can’t live without…

I really enjoyed the prologue to this book and was expecting quite a rollercoaster ride of emotions however what I got was actually more of a sweet love story. There was a lot of predictability with the story and I am not meaning that in a negative way, I actually enjoy quite a few authors that stick to the love story formula however, from the prologue I thought it was going to have more twists and a lot more angst.

Both protagonists personalities where fleshed out well and I understood their apprehension when it came to declaring there feelings to one another, they both had wounds from the past that hadn’t yet healed. When Jordan and Sophie finally got round to expressing their love, you could feel the tension and the genuine love between both characters. I had a little trouble imagining what Sophie looked like as she was described as the Disney Princess but unfortunately there are so many different ones.

I enjoyed this novel and personally I think it was a sweet story that is all about feeling good  and falling in love.

3.5 Stars.

Quote of the Book:

“You made me love you. Just like that Patsy Cline song. I didn’t want to do it, but you made me love you.”


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