At Seventeen by Gerri Hill

I was genuinely sad when this novel ended and I was left wanting to start all over again just to relive the moments.

Author Synopsis

Madison Lansford and Shannon Fletcher met when they were ten years old. Madison—daughter of wealthy parents and Shannon, daughter of their live-in maid and cook—became fast friends, yet both knew their place in life. There was never a doubt that they would become lovers . . . there was also never a doubt that Madison would marry and maintain her social standing in the community. Little by little, they grew apart, their love affair ending with Madison’s marriage and pregnancy. Now, years later, Shannon returns to her old hometown to care for her ailing mother. Can they rebuild their friendship? Or will their new-found closeness bring back memories of their long-lost love? Travel through the years with Shannon and Madison and watch their love unfold as they move from teens to young women and into adulthood

My Review

Gerri Hill has written a beautiful story that demonstrates what all good Lesbian Romance Novels should portray… true love lasts forever.

To the outsider, Madison lives a very privileged life with maids, cooks and lives on her family’s large estate. Her life has been planned down to the company she will keep, the life she will lead and even the man she will marry. That is until the maid and her daughter move in and Madison’s finds something she wants that is not in her life plan, the maid’s daughter Shannon.

Shannon and Madison fall in love at very young age but Madison cannot waver from her family’s aspirations for her, so Shannon watches from the sidelines and takes any hidden moment she can get until they day she can’t take anymore and she leaves. Years later with an ailing mother and a new business afoot, she returns to her home town to find out that true love never really disappears…

Wow, these women were madly in love, the chemistry of these two characters just emanated off the page, to the point I actually thought at one point that Gerri Hill had to know these characters in real life. There were moments I actually got quite upset reading the sections from the past because I could see how tortured both their souls were and I just wanted for them to forget the world and run away together.

At the start I felt so much respect and genuine affection for Shannon for loving Madison the way she did. She never asked for too much and never forced Madison to choose between her and her family, she just accepted it for Madison! I’m not sure how Shannon didn’t let the jealousy consume her; she was so strong at such a young age. The sex scenes were off the chart, they were extremely sexy but also gave sensual and loving undertones that just radiated adoration.

The secondary characters were all written extremely well and gave pathways to getting to know the main protagonists better. I have to say though, I wasn’t a fan of Shannon’s friends Charlotte and Tracy. I just had a weird feeling about them from the beginning in the way they questioned Shannon and about her relationship with Madison.

I was genuinely sad when this novel ended and I was left wanting to start all over again just to relive the moments.

5 stars

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