Crescent City Confidential by Aurora Rey

A Romance a novel with a difference! 

Author Synopsis

Best-selling mystery writer Sam Torres loves jetting around the world, researching her next plot, and enjoying local culture, cuisine, and women. Her next stop: the Big Easy. Tess Arceneaux is a New Orleans native who likes life simple and uncomplicated. That includes shucking oysters for wealthy tourists and singing at the neighborhood bar—no pretense and no pressure.

When Sam saunters in looking for company in addition to dinner, she sets her sights on Tess. Although Tess is hardly inclined to get involved with a woman who’s just passing through, Sam proves very persuasive. But when casual dates hint at something more, strange and sinister things ensue. Someone doesn’t want them together and will go to extreme lengths to make her point. Will looming danger bring them closer or drive them apart for good?

My Review

Mystery novelist Sam lives a transient life, moving from city to city, immersing herself in the culture to relate it back her writing. She arrives in New Orleans and is immediately falling fast for not only the city but also the beautiful oyster-shucker she can’t get out of her head!

This book blew my socks off and not in the way I was expecting. Literally couldn’t put it down, I started it mid afternoon and was still reading early into the next morning. Yes, it ticks all the boxes I’ve started to expect from Aurora Rey. Firstly, Crescent City Confidential is written very well and the characters are extremely well developed, I felt like I was getting to know new friends and my excitement grew with every finished chapter.
The love story itself emanates off the page and I could totally empathize with quite a few of the worries Tess had about her growing feeling for Sam due to her transient lifestyle. I think it was a good change of pace that Tess was the aggressor in their first official date and also their first intimate night together, considering that Sam was the continuous flirt and confident with it to. I may have developed a crush on Tess and her sassiness… it was all a little sexy!

What excited me the most about the book is Sam’s backstory, that led to this book also hitting the Thriller/Mystery genre as well. I didn’t expect it but now I’ve read it, I know it couldn’t have been written any other way and still been so good. It shook things up and what I’ve realized recently is that the novels I enjoy the most are by the authors that are thinking outside the box when writing them. I want to say more but I truly don’t want to spoil anything for you…

Also, Crescent City Confidential made me want to visit New Orleans more than ever before. It was almost teasing how much I enjoyed reading about the alluring and vibrant city. This is not the first time this has happened with a book by Aurora Rey, oh no… first it was Provincetown with her novel “Winter’s Harbor”. She should include links to guide books as part of your purchase!

And then there is the food… The cravings I get while reading her books are unbelievable but this book… this one took was the icing on the cake (excuse the pun)… I’ve heard from many sources that the food in New Orleans is amazing, but I can’t stop thinking about the seafood gumbo.
5 Stars!

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