A Royal Romance by Jenny Frame

A Royal Romance

Author Synopsis

Georgina, Princess of Wales, has always known her destiny, but she never expected duty to call so soon. When her father dies suddenly, she is called back from her Royal Navy post to assume the crown. While the people acclaim their new Queen, Great Britain’s first openly gay monarch, all George feels is the isolation of her station.

Beatrice Elliot’s staunch anti-monarchist views have always been a point of gentle contention with her working class, royalty-loving parents. When Bea—director of a hospice charity—must spend six months working with Queen Georgina, her charity’s new patron, sparks fly and passion blooms. But is love enough to bridge the gap between Bethnal Green and Buckingham Palace?


My Review

Britain has its first Lesbian Queen and they all love her except one particular republican that has been roped into taking the Queen on a tour of a charity over the next six months. Bea has always been against the monarchy and thinks it’s time for Britain to enter a new century and become a Republic. The new Queen Georgina (George for sort) is a traditionalist and even though she is the first gay monarch, she never expected to have feelings for the one person who believes her job is no longer needed in Great Britain. This is definitely a modern day fairytale.

I think for a debut novel that “A Royal Romance” was written extremely well and had great character development throughout the novel. The main protagonists, Bea and George are the kind of characters that make a good love story great. Queen George embraces the fact that she is trapped in a life that was chosen for her and she works hard to make sure she is the best Queen she can possibly be for the nation. George ticks all of my fantasy boxes. She’s a sexy butch but she’s also caring, intelligent, forthright and loving… especially when it comes to Bea.

I really enjoyed all secondary characters but the ones that stood out from the rest were Cammy and The Dowager Queen. There were moments that they were a part of that either melted my heart or gave me a chuckle. I’m hoping to see more of these characters in the next book in the series. Cammy speaking in Scottish colloquialisms made for fun reading for this Scottish ‘Lassie’. There were moments that the wording was so cheesy that it was quite funny but I reckon in all good fairytales there is normally an element of cheese…

The love scenes were inspired, especially because the novel is set in the future and they sound amazing. The detail Jenny Frame goes into with the sex is fantastic and I found by the end of the book I was hoping she would patent the “Intelliflesh Design” so I could buy one. Another element that I enjoy in novels is when one protagonist is inexperienced in sex and/or a virgin, this was definitely the case in the book and it provides quite a sexy component.

I would love to see a story written about the elusive Prime Minster, Bo. I reckon there is a story behind her mysterious private life.

All in all, it was a lovely modern day fairytale that added a whole heap of sexy!

4.5 Stars

The next book in the ‘A Royal Romance’ Series is due out in May 2017 and is called ‘Royal Rebel’. To read the synopsis or to pre order please click the link below…

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