All I Want Forever by Clare Lydon


Can’t believe this is the last book in the All I Want Series…

Author Synopsis

Everyone says they’re meant to be – but is that enough?

Tori & Holly are engaged, but living 5,000 miles apart: Tori in San Francisco, Holly in London. When Holly flies out to San Francisco for a visit, the pair are forced to examine their relationship and ask themselves: is being together forever what they both really want?

If you’re a fan of contemporary romance with humour and heart, it’s time to jump on board the Tori & Holly train as they work out their fate with no shortage of twists and turns. Is their destiny written in the stars?


My Review

Firstly can I say I am actually quite sad that this series is over. I really loved every twist and turn in Holly and Tori’s lives but if it had to end the series, this book did it with a bang and in style… I can tell you already that I loved it.

Firstly the writing as always was impeccable and to be honest I’ve come to expect nothing else from Clare Lydon. She has a way of bringing you into the book, so much so that you feel like one of the secondary characters. The best part for me is how in this series the characters are real people, with real people issues and anxieties and it made me connect with the main protagonists Holly and Tori on a much deeper level, which in turn made me much more invested. We’ve followed Tori and Holly’s love through many obstacles and relationship hurdles that have only brought them closer and solidified their love.

So Tori has left London (the day after Holly proposed and they became engaged) for San Francisco and as much as it is soul wrenching without Holly, she’s getting on with it and trying to make friends. This is her big career break after all so she owes it to herself to embrace it. Holly, while pining for Tori in a big way, is keeping herself busy by planning their wedding and working out her next career path but when Holly visits Tori in America they have some big life decisions to make and they can only make them together…

Clare Lydon actually cracks me up in all her books… if Clare is anything like the hilarious scenes she writes I know we could have a few laughs over a couple of beers. I just love good old British humor and there is a scene in the book that I don’t want to spoil but I do want you to look out for it, its in Chapter 25 and it’s honestly the funniest scene I have ever read in a romance novel.

I also like that the secondary characters had been in all the novels and have grown with Holly and Tori. In this novel though we are introduced to two new characters, Kerry who is Holly’s closest friend besides Tori who has been travelling and Melissa who becomes Tori’s friend in America. I reckon there is a novel for those two somewhere… Selfishly, I just want to have more Tori and Holly time so if it ties in!

I love that Clare Lydon uses texting (SMS) dialogue in her writing. It actually bring the characters in to the world we live in and makes her characters seem more down to earth and if possible, even more likeable.

What I’ve come to expect is good sex scenes in a Clare Lydon novel and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed. As usual the sex between Holly and Tori is off the chart and the chemistry they have throughout actually makes their connection more intense.

And finally, I have to mention the Epilogue because it floored me… This book has had me crying with laughter and crying for the most beautifully written moments. I love an epilogue and when it’s done right it can make or break a novel. This novel was already fantastic but the epilogue just helped me accept that the series was over because it added the forever to ‘Happily Every After’.

Undeniably my favorite Lesbian Romance Series to date and in the coming weeks I will be doing a review of the entire series so watch the Les Rêveur website for that.

Without a doubt… 5 stars!


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